Fans circulate petition for ‘Santa Clarita Diet’

"Santa Clarita Diet"

While news of the show’s cancellation was widespread shortly after the debut of the third season, those hungering for more “Santa Clarita Diet” are seeking help through an online petition.

“‘Plain and Simple. Here to show the NETWORK Dinks at NETFLIX that they are making a HUGE mistake in not renewing their very own ‘Santa Clarita Diet,’” reads the petition credited to Josh Richards of Butte, Montana, on

Within a week of being active, the petition has garnered more than 118,000 signatures as of Tuesday afternoon. Other petitions have also gathered thousands of signatures, but have not reached great lengths like Richards’.

As a fan of the genre and the show, Richards says he started the petition to acknowledge “an amazingly written, produced and performed show.”

“A real ‘zom-con’ that makes me belly laugh properly,” added Richards. “If Netflix sees the petition that’s great, but validating the work of everyone involved with the show is the real reason.”

On April 26, Netflix announced it would cancel the show after its third season, which has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Critics on the website have called the show “humorously fresh” and “glorious.”

“My hope is that another network or streaming service would see the value, (e.g. ‘Arrested Development’) and at least finish the story,” said Richards. “Unfortunately, some streaming services, like Netflix in this instance, feel they can take their ball and go home. Hopefully Netflix and others begin to see the value in a petition such as this.”

And while the signatures continue to pour in, Richards says he has been receiving a lot of attention from the public.

“Friend requests and follows from others have begun, but no official contact as of this time,” he added.

Will supporters be able to bring the show back from the dead? Richards hopes so.

“120K petitioners at $9.99 a month is a lot of money to a corporate bottom line,” he said. “Doesn’t take more than a plain high school diploma to do that math.”

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