How Not to Miss the Best Shows on Netflix While Traveling Outside US


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Last year, I decided to travel Nepal with my friends. While the trip was fun, I did not want to miss out on my favorite Netflix shows.

But to my surprise, I was unable to access U.S Netflix TV Shows that I got to know were only available in US media library.

The media library for Netflix Nepal didn’t had those shows, so that was a big disappointment.

That is when I found out about the concept of geo-restriction and media libraries that varies across different regions.

What is geo-restriction and why does Netflix impose it?

Geo-restriction refers to the limitation of content based on different regions. It means, wherever the content is available, it is under license of the copyright owner.

Hence, it is the right of a copyright owner where it want its content available and in which country. Netflix has nothing to do with it.

It simply abides by those rules and makes the content available as per the wish of copyright owner.

How to watch American Netflix outside the U.S?

So how to access the American library? The answer is quite simple, get yourself a VPN that works with Netflix.

A VPN service masks your real IP location and makes it appear like you are in a different location.

For example, you’re in Paris and you connect to an American server, this will make the system think that you are actually in America.

Hence, it will connect you to the US Netflix. The number of titles that the American Netflix library has, it puts all other libraries to shame!

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This is just a small example of the difference between the American library vs. other countries. The percentage of TV shows narrows down even further to only 3.3% in Morocco.

Once you have downloaded the VPN of your choice, connect to an American server and go to Netflix website with your login and password.

You should be able to access US Netflix and stream Shows and Movies that are only available in US.

For example, ‘Parks and Recreation’ or ‘The Office’ are the shows that are exclusively in the U.S.

Hence, you will not just find these TV Shows, but you will be able to stream it as well without any barriers.

How to get the Best of U.S Netflix?

Not sure if you should invest your time in a particular show or movie?

Get IMBD and Rotten tomatoes ratings, reviews, trailers and more simply by downloading enhancer for Netflix chrome extension. Find out what critics have to say about a certain show.

Another great extension to have is Flix Plus. This extension highlights show titles that are about to leave Netflix. So make sure you install it before your favorite show or movie disappears from Netflix.

And if you can’t make up your mind what to watch, then try Netflix roulette. The site is perfect to find out shows and movies. Just choose your preferred ratings and genre, and let the website do the rest for you.   

But if you want recommendations from the public, head on to Reddit. There is a subreddit r/NetflixBestOf where you can find countless Netflix buffs discussing about the best shows and movies.

But where Netflix is paid, Kodi is for free. Kodi software also allows users to watch Movies and TV Shows that are not only on Netflix but those content that are available on Hulu, HBO, CW, are also available for viewing.

Since Kodi works with the help of third-party addons that streams free video content, for that you may require a free Kodi VPN to keep your online identity anonymous.


As an advocate of cyber freedom, I do not support the idea of geo-restriction and neither do other people that supports online freedom. No matter what happens, we will always come up with an alternative strategy to circumvent the boundaries imposed by the authorities.

The internet was created for global communication and integration of resources to share information freely, so let’s make sure that happens!

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