How to make a seo business model that is profitable in 2019


SEO business seems to be the most profitable business currently due to its never-ending demands by the clients. Nowadays, retailers are more into online platforms as they know it is one of the biggest sources to generate sales.

Not just product retailers, but plenty of small to large scale companies are even into online platforms to promote their organizational services in the digital platform. To fulfill such requirements, the only helping hand of these clients is the SEO agencies.

Due to this reason, SEO business is currently so much popular. But, it is not easy. You have to work hard to run a profitable SEO business. SEO trends keep changing every year. Hence, you need to develop your business plans accordingly to gain clients. In this regard you can go through

So, for the individuals who are interested in setting up an SEO business in 2019, follow these 5 tips to make a profitable SEO business model.

1. Maintain a good website

To let your business reach to the clients, a good is website is highly essential. For a good website, you need a clean and professional layout; suitable web pages illustrating different kinds of services; special page dedicated for the price plans of each service; quality content; well defined contact page, live chat feature, a separate tab for blogs related to informative SEO contents; and strategic insertion of keywords, Meta descriptions, headings and subheadings. These factors play a key role in giving your business better online visibility with potential traffic.

2. Hire SEO Specialist

Start your SEO business by hiring an SEO specialist. A specialist is well versed with current SEO trends and will be able to give a kick start to your business. For a successful SEO business, applying the latest SEO 2019 strategies like- Keyword research, Site optimization, Site navigation, Local SEO, Mobile Optimization, Voice search optimization and many more is a must factor. These strategies are common but keep changing every year. An SEO specialist will help them insert in your business website strategies to yield profitable results.

3. Use White Hat SEO methods

There are mainly two types of SEO methods for website ranking. The White hat SEO method and The Black Hat SEO method. Go for the White Hat one as it follows the guidelines of Google search engines and gives you productive organic traffic from the trusted sources. The method is a bit time-consuming in case of results but, it is the best choice in the long run. The black hat, on the other hand, takes advantage of the search engine weakness and harness quick results. But many times it results in spams, stuffed keywords, cloaking, and hidden links.

4. Create backlinks

The competition in the SEO business field is very tough and hence it is pretty difficult to get a good rank in Google. You can make things little easy with link building services. You enter into a partnership with agencies giving 10% of referral fee for promoting and adding referral links of your business in their website, blogs, and other web sources. You can even go for guest blogging for other agencies and in return gain referral links from them to your website. These referral links serve as backlinks that redirect clients and viewers to check out your business website and increase your online presence.

5. Use paid SEO tools

Go for the paid SEO tools like- Ahrefs Keyword research tool, Google Search Console, KWFinder, Answer the Public, SpyFu, Yoast SEO, and Fat rank along with Google Analytics to determine every aspect of websites. The above-mentioned tools are the currently trending paid SEO tools of 2019. Make sure your business utilizes all of them to look into detailed aspects of the client website and deliver them the best solution. These tools play a vital role in delivering satisfactory services for your SEO business. 

Final Words

If you want to create a successful SEO business model in 2019, the above-mentioned 5 factors are a must to consider. It will definitely help you with a productive client base if implemented correctly.

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