Reasons for Failing During an Interview for a Visa Application

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Before you obtain a visa for the UK for employment, you need to undergo an interview first. It is a part of the process to verify the information on the documents you submitted. It is also a way of determining if you have the necessary language skills to make it easy for you to communicate while you are in the UK. It is true especially if you came from a non-native English-speaking country.

Given that your future is on the line, it is normal for you to feel nervous about it. You will be in a room with an immigration officer who will decide if you deserve to receive a visa. Even if you have valid supporting documents, you could still end up getting rejected if you do not pass the interview. These are some of the things for you to avoid if you do not want to fail the interview.

Being late

You need to set an appointment for the interview at the embassy or consulate. You will receive a confirmation email regarding the schedule. You need to be there on time. If you fail to show up, the interview will proceed to the next person in line. You might have a difficult time getting a reservation again after you missed the last one. Even if you still made it despite being late, you might not have enough time to compose yourself. You might be catching your breath because you hurried on your way to the embassy. It could mess up your answers.

Inappropriate responses

You need to be careful with every word you say. If you have an inadequate response to even only one of the questions asked, it could affect the application. You can see some common questions online. You can practice answering those questions at home. Avoid memorising though. It does not help you in responding to the actual interview. If you forget what you memorised, you will mess everything up.

Lying or avoiding questions

The interview will confirm the information you gave. It is a diplomatic interview that will test if you are telling the truth. Therefore, lying is not a good idea. Evading questions is also a huge mistake. These officers have a way of verifying everything that you say. Therefore, you cannot lie and expect the approval of your visa.

Inappropriate appearance

You need to appear at the embassy in your best possible outfit. Do not go there wearing slippers or shorts. You need to sit correctly and create the best possible first impression. Do not wear too many accessories as they are distracting. Think of it as a job interview. You want to present the best version of yourself, so the employer will hire you.

Seek help

Before you do the interview, it is crucial for you to ask for advice from top immigration solicitors London offers. They will guide you as you prepare your documents. They will also help you respond to possible questions. You will be more confident as you enter the room if you prepared well with your lawyer.

Your application will still be in the hands of the immigration officers. You can only hope for the best results after doing the best you could to impress them.


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