Redemption Road K9 to host snake avoidance clinic


Southern California’s climate has created an ideal environment for rattlesnakes to remain active, meaning you and your dog can encounter a snake almost anywhere, even more so in the coming warm, summer months.

That’s why Redemption Road K9, a working dog company, is hosting a rattlesnake avoidance seminar with the help of wildlife conservationist and zookeeper, Jungle Jordan, on Saturday, July 13.

The seminar is geared toward educating the public on the types of snakes to be mindful of and what to do in the event that you encounter one, along with training dogs to avoid the sight, sound and smell of a rattlesnake. 

“This will be my first one since we’ve moved here, and the official launch of the LUXOR K9LOSIUM, (the ranch’s new dog training field),” said John Anthony, trainer and owner of Redemption Road. “We are humbled to call one of the world’s experts in this field a friend and thrilled to have him at our event.”

Many of the prominent snakes here in Southern California are expected to be on site during the training seminar so that participants can learn to identify them, and a muzzled rattlesnake can then assist in teaching the dogs snake avoidance. 

Along with the necessary precautions, participants will also learn what to do in the event that they or their dogs are bitten by snakes, Anthony added.

Experienced trainers and handlers, including Tanya Yarbrough, a canine behavioral consultant, will work with the dogs one-on-one, focusing on their body language and reaction to a snake.

“Training a dog to avoid snakes is not as simple as using an e-collar,” Anthony said. “Tanya will be there to help us understand exactly what happens when a dog and snake encounter one another from a dog cognition and emotion standpoint.”

Each training session takes only about 10 minutes depending on the dog as most learn avoidance behavior quickly, according to Anthony.

Staff from All Creatures Veterinary Center is also expected to be in attendance at the seminar to offer rattlesnake vaccines for dogs at a discounted rate.

The Rattlesnake Avoidance Seminar is scheduled for 9 a.m. on Saturday, July 13, at Redemption Road K9 Ranch in Agua Dulce, and cost is $25.

For more information or to RSVP, call or text 415-504-2379 or email [email protected]. Additional information will be posted on the event’s Facebook page on what to expect and things to bring closer to the event.

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