SCV parents upset over homeless woman approaching their kids

The Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's Station can be reached by calling 661-260-4000.

A local woman is causing a stir among Santa Clarita Valley parents by approaching babies and toddlers, talking to them and, at times, reaching out to touch them, ultimately sparking a response by sheriff’s deputies.

In one case, widely reported on social media, the woman allegedly walked up to a carload of kids parked at a gas station, walked around the car and peered inside it at the children.

Some social media posters have accused her of trying to open the door handles.

In the most recent alleged incident, the woman reportedly approached a 6-year-old boy at a restaurant parking lot and said: “C’mon kiddo.”

Is that a crime?

Officials with the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station, who are following up on some of the incidents reported to them, say, “No.”

Lt. Ignacio Somoano, who heads the SCV Sheriff Station’s Detective Unit, said he and the detectives “are familiar” with the woman.

“There hasn’t been a crime committed,” he said. “There’s no evidence of victims or anything criminal in nature.”

On Monday, the SCV Sheriff’s Station officials reminded people that odd behavior is not criminal behavior.

The advisory, posted on the sheriff’s Facebook page, states: “We have been informed about social media posts circulating in community groups that report a female adult that is approaching SCV women and their children at different locations.

“Similar social media posts such as these circulated in community social media groups back in November 2018, and were addressed. Please be advised that deputies have identified the individual, and are familiar with her. When contact has been made with her, it has been verified that there was no criminal misconduct that occurred.”

The post added: “There have been no reported crimes to our station involving this individual.”

Meanwhile, several mothers remain frustrated that nothing can be done to stop the woman’s behavior.

“Some moms are freaking out,” said one woman Wednesday who asked not to be identified.

“I don’t think anybody has anything but compassion for this woman,” she said. “We all know people who have fallen on hard times.”

The woman accused of approaching children is homeless, according to deputies.

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