The Most Productive Ways for Students to Spend Summer Holidays


Any student can tell you that college life is not only about parties, handing out with friends, and absorbing new experiences. It also can be extremely tiresome and even unbearable, especially when exams arrive. It’s a lucky student who can get through a college year without spending sleepless nights putting together a research project, taking a part-time job, or getting stressed out because of the inability to meet the deadlines. Of course, some students take advantage of online writing services, such as Edubirdie, to get their papers edited, improved, or checked for possible plagiarism. You can also check out Edubirdie prices [outright] review and avail yourself of the company’s help once you get stuck trying to manage tons of homework. But now you can forget about classes, lectures, and urgent assignments. Summer has arrived, and it’s high time you took a short respite from college troubles. It may seem hard to resist the temptation to succumb to total idleness. Nevertheless, we should warn you against such dubious pleasures right away. Idleness won’t do you any good, to the contrary, it will stifle your inherent striving to explore new dimensions and thus hinder your personal development. We have put together the most productive activities that leaves no room for idleness and slacking. Make sure to follow our simple recommendations if you want to get the most out of your summer holidays. 

# 1 Travel

Even if you cannot boast a huge budget, you still shouldn’t deny yourself a pleasure of visiting new places. It’s a common misconception that traveling requires much money. In fact, it requires gumption and a strong spirit of exploration. A day-long trip to a neighboring state can bring you loads of new impressions and enrich you intellectually and spiritually. Moreover, you can take advantage of numerous summer work programs, which enables you not only to see the world but also make some money. You can also set your sights on student travel agencies that offer tours to a variety of tourist destinations. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to travel this summer!

# 2 Read

Just before you start scoffing or decide skipping this section right away, try to recall the name of the last book you read or at least, remember the time you were reading last.  Of course, if you’re a student of the philology department, it won’t be a problem for you. You get tons of books assigned. As for the students whose major has nothing to do with English or Literature, they may have a hard time trying to remember… Even in the face of digital age, books remain the best source of both knowledge and inspiration for people. Check out classics first thing. Such writers as Shakespeare, Dickens, Whitman, and Tolstoy created so many outstanding works that will never get outdated. Reading inspires, challenges, reminds you of everything you’ve already learned, and teaches how to make positive changes in your life.  It’s also a wise decision to get an early start on your college reading. Summer holidays tend to pass quickly. As soon as September arrives, you’ll need to deal with tons of course materials on a wide variety of subjects. So, why not get a head start on them in summer? It will spare you much time and effort when you get back to college.

# 3 Spend Time with Family and Friends

College is all about novelty. New friends, new life, and new experiences. Still, in the whirlpool of new impressions, you should take care not to forget about your family and old friends. Summer presents you with lots of opportunities to catch up with your school friends and strengthen family bonds. Bring together old friends or family members and go camping, have a picnic, attend some festivals which are plentiful in summer, or just go to the movies. 

# 4 Stay in Shape

Summer isn’t a good enough excuse to pull the plug on exercising. Moreover, it’s the perfect time to get yourself in shape. Morning jogging, regular stretching, and strength exercises will have a revitalizing effect on your body tired after college wild parties and midnight snacking.  

# 5 Get a Job

We briefly mentioned the benefits of getting a summer job in the Travel section. Now let’s dwell on them a little bit more. Getting some work experience you’ll be able to put on your CV should definitely be on your to-do list. Apart from getting a valuable experience, you’’ be able to make some extra money which, we’re sure, you’ll put to good use. If you find yourself unable to find a paid job, don’t get upset. There are plenty of volunteer job options to consider. Not only is volunteering an emotionally rewarding activity, but it also can help you bolster your resume.

Now you see that you can spend your summer break productively without getting bored. Resting is not tantamount to inertia, it’s just shifting from tiresome routine to fun and rewarding activities, like the ones described above. So, make sure to make the most out of your free time this summer. 

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