UUSCV minister retires, sets sights on new projects

The Rev. Peter Farriday became the minister of the Unitarian Universalists of the Santa Clarita Valley in 2014. Courtesy photo

The Rev. Peter Farriday gave his final sermon for the Unitarian Universalists of the Santa Clarita Valley on June 9.

Serving as minister for five years, he oversaw a congregation focused on bringing people together and promote the faith’s seven principles, which are held “as strong values and moral guides,” according to the church’s website.

“I enjoyed my work very much,” he said Friday. “They were very warm, loving and supportive of me as their minister. And yet there are things happening nationally and internationally. I needed to broaden my scope as a public voice on matters I care about.”

Farriday went back to Meadville Lombard Theological School in Chicago for his Unitarian Universalist seminary looking for work when he found that UUSCV was looking for a minister. He joined the congregation in summer 2014.

“It’s been terrific overall,” he said. “As they say, institutions have cultures. Each individual expression of an institution has its own culture. Positive communities create culture. For a community of our size, we’re very involved. We have done a lot of work with Bridge to Home and Family Promise, for example.”

As he looks ahead, Farriday said he’s still weighing his options. He hopes to eventually start a podcast as a way to elevate people’s consciousness, as well as detail the support structures, which may lead to raising one’s consciousness.

“Of course, there’s a separation rightly so between church and state,” he said. “It is about one of the basic things that a spiritual search and religion are supposed to do, to elevate consciousness. That comes into play in social interactions.”

Looking back, Farriday felt grateful for his experiences and the time shared with his community.

“At the same time, I’m excited for what’s next,” he said. “There’s the narrow sorrow of parting, but it feels right. I have some positive signs or messages — synchronicities that this is the time for me (to go).”

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