SCV Water says ‘cloudy’ water is safe to drink

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After residents of the North Park Valencia area reported several days of cloudy water, the Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency said this week that the water is still drinkable.

“We’re getting reports of ‘milky’ or ‘cloudy’ looking water,” a Facebook post from the SCV Water Agency stated. “Not to worry! You’re just seeing oxygen bubbles due to entrapped air at a well site… your water quality meets all local, state and federal drinking water regulations.”

SCV Water spokeswoman Kathie Martin added that residents were advised to wait a minute after pouring a glass of water so the bubbles could dissipate.

“The air in the well is the source of the cloudy and milky water,” Martin said. “It’s perfectly clear after (letting it settle), so the water is clean and safe to drink. It’s just an aesthetic issue.”

Local officials directed residents to for more information.

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