West Ranch grad among several artists offering DTLA-based art exhibition

Artist Zachary Erberich implemented the ideas of water, life and death into this illustration for a class at CSUN. Image courtesy: Zachary Erberich

Years of designing, sketching, painting and creating works of art has brought Valencia resident Zachary Erberich to be one of several featured artists at the upcoming “Blend: Art Show of Upcoming Artists” exhibition at Downtown Heaven Creative Space in Los Angeles on July 28. 

“It ranges a lot, and nobody is quite the same,” Erberich said about the various works. “There are some that are much more cartoon- or children’s book-like. My style is much more realistic, some have photography, there are some with more heavy graphic design skills.”

Erberich, a graduate of West Ranch High School and California State University Northridge, worked alongside other art students – including fellow artist and Santa Clarita resident Casey Buckhoff – in a printmaking class they shared at CSUN. After a bumpy start, the group worked to reserve space to showcase their various styles. 

Flier for “Blend: Art Show for Upcoming Artists.” Image courtesy: Zachary Erberich

Growing up, Erberich took art classes since first grade. He took an AP studio art class while at West Ranch, which he felt gave him enough time to improve his style and how he wanted his work to appear. Before he graduated from West Ranch, his early work had a small appearance at a school-held gallery. 

Part of what will be nice with this show, he said, is seeing how familiar faces and strangers react and are affected by artists’ work. 

“This show has been more hands-on for me than the first show I was in because I’ve had direct contact with the curator and other artists,” he said. “It’s definitely a learning experience and a lot of it is new to me, but a lot of positives to the (overall) experience for sure.”

“Blend” will take place 3-11 p.m. Downtown Heaven Creative Space is located at 155 W. Washington Blvd.

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