How do you declutter and pack a move?


Moving is itself a hectic and engaging process. In the time of moving if you get occupied with unnecessary things that you have gathered from time to time and pack them all along with you for moving, then it is going to end up in a real mess for you.

So, to keep the whole moving process inexpensive and hassle-free, you need to be organised in some way and you have to follow a perfect moving strategy. This article aims to present a perfect moving plan to help you out:

1.      Hire a Reliable Moving Company:

At first, you need to hire a reliable moving company. For that, you can search on the internet to get a list of the best interstate movers near you or you can ask your colleagues, friends and neighbours for a suggestion. There are many moving companies and moving cost may vary according to the distance and the things need to get delivered. Consider hiring a licensed company always as being professional will assure that all your belongings are moved safely to your new address.

2.      Don’t increase loads of your luggage with unnecessary luggage:

Pack your essentials like medications, chargers, day-to-day toiletries and a few changes of clothes in an easily accessible handbag and use every inch of space of your suitcase strategically. In this way, you can ensure that your every important thing fits well and will be well protected all along the journey. You must not pack the old junks only out of sentiments.

Organise a garage sale and earn some money by selling those unnecessary items. You also can consider donating things to needy persons or Goodwill and other non-profit organizations.

3.      Come up with a rock-solid moving plan:

Prepare a moving schedule and create a calendar for the tasks prior to moving. Also, make a checklist of all your belongings and possessions. Do prepare a list of how many moving boxes of varied sizes you will require to move all of your belongings.

Open Google Drive and form a ‘moving file’ to store all the essential quotes, receipts, and records related to your move. Proceed with the routine plan in order to avoid any mistakes.

4.      Follow these tricks to reduce moving budget:

You can skip buying new moving boxes every time and can try to gather cardboard boxes of different sizes in accordance with your needs from any nearby grocery shop. Then organize your stuff in these moving boxes and label them, it will help you to remember where you kept a particular thing.

Try to avoid increasing your moving expenses by buying things like bubble wrap, moving blankets, and stretch wrap to protect easy-breakable things. You can use always use household stuff like socks, clothes, towels, blanket or even linens to offer padding and protection to the fragile things like stemware, glasses, artworks, vases, platters mirrors, picture frames, and other breakables.

Pack things like electronics, books, and shoes in your suitcase and if you have any expensive thing or jewellery then pack them safely under your clothes in your personal suitcases.

Wrapping up:

Towards the end of your moving schedule, when you are almost done, to decrease your moving stress a bit you can through a farewell party. Invite your friends and neighbours, bake a goodbye cake and order your favourite food to make your moving experience amazing. Do not forget to take pictures in your old home and make it the sweetest memory.

We are really hopeful that these above-enlisted tricks and tips will help you to make a perfect start towards your new residence.

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