Top 5 PSX games

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With the PlayStation X Sony definitely achieved some firsts with its iconic video game console, such as being the first commercially successful CD-ROM based device and ability to render 3D games. No doubt the PSX surely has a prestigious place in history as the birthplace of several iconic franchises and game-changing IPs. One great thing about the PSX is that you can still play it using a modern LCD or LED television with the component output cables. You can also play your PSX games using the PS2 console as it is compatible with games from the former. And if you don’t have this piece of gaming console history, not to worry, you can download psx roms and get to play these great games on your PC, Tablets or smartphones.

The PSX was able to thrive due to the quality of discs games and classics such Takken, Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, Crash Bandicoot, Metal Gear and a ton of other greats. These games had fascinating genres such as Horror, action, racing, stealth, and lots more, so it was easy to find games that different types of gamers would enjoy.

In this article I’m going to talk about the top 5 PSX games, this list will be based on popularity and It is going to be really tough one narrowing the best PSX games to the top five. Hopefully I will be able to capture the best of the best and some of them might turn out to be in your top favourite PSX game collection as well. 

1. Tomb Raider II

Join Lara Croft on this huge cinematic adventure packed with secrets and great replay value as she goes round the world on a treasure hunt while combating against different obstacles. The Tomb Raider sequel builds on its predecessor with every experience being made bigger and better and was sure to put players on edge: it came with Lara makeover with multiple outfits, more characters, ability to drive vehicles (this was not included in the first Tomb Raider), exciting set pieces, more complex puzzles, a ton of monsters to overcome and intense tension. Resident Evil 2 doesn’t change everything. The sequel still retains the series original fixed camera angles, strict inventory mechanics, and character-oriented controls. Its cutting edge 3D interface was definitely unlike anything else available on other platforms at the time. With millions of copies sold worldwide, this game was and is still sure to give you the maximum classic Tomb Raider experience.

2. Tekken III

Though the Street Fighter first set the bar for 2D fighting games in the early 90s, Tekken was sure to take it to the 3D realm. Tekken III in particular enhanced  the hyperbolic jumps by toning it down while playing, making it a lot easier for a character to easily sidestep into 3D, navigating some of the most tactically complex terrains and gave more refined fighting systems there was in video game history. For a home console port of an arcade game, it had a pretty impressive graphics, a diverse and extended collection of characters. This version allowed every gamer experience great art design and sound, great side modes giving you a ton of divergence while playing, new player penalties were not too heavy, which is great for any fighting game and its multiplayer option was guaranteed to make it an ideal party game for both fighting game lovers and non lover alike.

3. Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII is another great PSX game classic that came with breaking 3D graphics, reaching a wider range of audience than its predecessors. Final Fantasy VII follows the usual RPG formula of exploration, pre-rendered backgrounds to improve the graphics, turn-based battle, 3D characters in both the local maps and the battle environments and character improvement, but added 3D characters and video cut-scenes that elevated the series to another level. FF7 is set on the industrials planet of Gaia and it takes you through the tale of  mercenary, Cloud Strife and his ragtag friends as the battle the sinister Shinra Corporation and the evil Sephiroth; the series villain that is constantly draining the planet’s life force. With over 9 million copies sold worldwide, Final Fantasy VII is credited elevating the RPG game format into mainstream audience outside of Japan, and is still the biggest selling game in the Final Fantasy series.

4. Resident Evil 2

Filled with zombies on rampage in the fictitious city of Racoon, the original Resident Evil game for the PSX introduced the concept of “survival horror” to a worldwide audience. With its complex background graphics that were pre-rendered, the sequel Resident Evil 2 also provided a level of detail that couldn’t be achieved in real time, allowing the graphic tools that focus on the player and zombie characters. The Umbrella Corporation which is behind the original Zombie plague develops an even more deadly biological weapon, and as a new player navigating the totally infested city, your sole mission is to escape. Your performance while playing was reflected in your movement, any zombie damage would amount to a player’s pronounced limp which slowed your progress until you get medical treatment. The series relies on building tension during game play as the player characters are exposed to vulnerable situations with limited ammunition available as you creep through claustrophobic corridors, and a constant fear of a surprise Zombie attack around every corner you turn. Resident Evil 2 brought great gaming exploration and combat as it propelled you to use your intelligence and strength to finish off the zombies. This PSX classic surly gave gamers a rush of adrenaline. 

5. Gran Turismo 3: A Spec

This top 5 list would not be complete without mentioning one of the PSX best game sellers; the Gran Turismo series, particularly the Gran Turismo 3: A Spec. This arcade car racing game has a set objective for the racer to win all the provided races and championships, complete license tests and achieve 100% game completion record. Every quarter into the game results in the player being awarded a car as a special prize. Other cool features that gives the GT3 a worthy mention is its high-quality visuals that make it appear so real, its dual mode of play; which are the arcade mode packed with the thrill of speed, and the simulation mode, for the hardcore gamers who want a complete racing experience. It also features 19 race courses, 14 with reverse variants’ and 4 of which are dirt tracks. Most of these circuits are at fictional locations, GT3 also marks informal appearances of automakers Lamborghini and Porsche and are designed according to exact specification of the brand as it is in real life. Join in the rally racing with a refined physics model that challenges off-road driving skills as you cruise through the great racing game while bumping to its amazing soundtrack.

As I mentioned earlier, there are a ton of other great PSX games out there. So make sure you download psx roms, in case you didn’t already have them. And then buckle up and start reliving or creating new PSX classics gaming experience.

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