Why Model Trains Are Making A Comeback this Holiday Season

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Why Model Trains Are Making A Comeback this Holiday Season

Model toy trains are extensively loved by children, mainly boys. Somewhere in the first half of the early 19th century, the earliest toy trains were made of lead and had no such moving parts. Only a few trains used to have wheels that turned, but these had to be manually pushed or pulled. It was during the 1950s that the modern emphasis of realism in the making of model railroading or toy trains started to catch on.

Today’s modern electric model trains are developed by the implementation of electronics items that emit digitized sound effects and permit the operator to run multiple remote control trains (attached together) on a single loop of track. In recent years, many toy trains are being operated with a TV camera set in the front of the engine and hooked up to a screen, like a computer monitor. Now have a glance why model trains are making a comeback this holiday season:

1.      Coming up with Modern Technology:

Still in this era of digitalization where many old school playing habits no longer exist. The model toy trains are appearing in a bigger form than ever, with the advent of digital train control, increasingly detailed, long-lasting and sophisticated models, feasible battery power and radio control systems and attractive 3D printing. Now, LGB train sets are one of the most famous modern forms of old model railroading.

2.      Family activity:

One of the most appealing aspects of the model train is, it could be a fun activity for anybody of any age. Grandfathers, fathers, and mothers use to introduce a junior member of the family to their favorite pastime and suddenly share a common interest, as working together to create something, is always wonderful.

3.      Learn New Skills:

Building a model railroad requires time, research and attention, and there is much to learn for the novice hobbyist. When your child assembles the train tracks one by one, they need to sequence it in certain ways to get where they want to go and build it adequately. It improves their concentration and learning skills, as well as, problem-solving and research skills.

4.      Foster Pretend Play:

Pretension play contributes a lot in childhood development. During early childhood, train sets are very conducive to this.

5.      Artistic Expression:

Creativity and imagination are a must for building model railroads, even when re-creating a geographic location. Painted scenery and backdrops, weathering cars and creating landscape features all define model train track building as a 3-D art form. This type of play also develops imagination and grows their skills organically, in ‘making’ things and creating something from nothing.

6.      Long-Term Project:

Model railroad building is a long-term time taking play. The long-term nature of building a model train track runs counter to the culture of instant gratification of our modern society and teaches the value of finishing a job, and a sense of deep gratification comes from this continuous improvement of something over days and even months of work.

You are never too young or old to engage yourself in the hobby of model railroad building; you also never really reach “the end” of the project.


Creating a model train is not a solitary hobby; you can engage your child to play with their friends or even neighbor’s kids. Today, so many high tech toys that aim at development, are available, but model train sets for kids will help them to gain crucial skills much more easily. That is why, since its inception, till today the popularity of this old school indoor game hardly faded, and now this holiday season, it’s making a grand comeback.

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