Acton civic leaders clarify town stand on fast food drive-throughs


Two Acton residents came to Los Angeles Tuesday to make sure county supervisors and everyone else understands clearly that the town wants no new drive-through facilities.

About a half-dozen restaurants in Acton with drive-through windows are allowed to remain and continue their business as usual.

Elected officials in Acton want it clear, however, that there will be no new drive-through facilities.

Acton Town Council member Pamela Wolter presented two letters from the town council “reinforcing our information” about the town’s stand on fast food drive-throughs.

“The Acton Town Council is very appreciative of the meeting held last Thursday, the meeting clarified what this ordinance covers,” Wolter said.

Jacki Ayer, speaking on behalf of the group, Save Our Little Town, told supervisors: “We’re very grateful that our concerns with this ordinance have been addressed.”

The purpose of Tuesday’s motion was to direct county planners to study and report on a zoning amendment to the Acton Community Standards Division clarifying the term “new drive-through facility or service” as set out in the amendment. 

Acton civic leaders want the distinction made that the amendment does not apply to drive-through facilities already in place when the amendment was enacted.

At the end of Tuesday’s public discussion, Supervisor Kathryn Barger said what Acton residents wanted to hear when she double-checked the meaning of the zoning amendment with regional planner. Barger represents the county’s 5th District, which includes the Santa Clarita Valley and Acton. 

She asked regional planner Richard Marshalian to confirm the amendment “will not force existing businesses in Acton with drive-throughs to remove the drive-throughs.”

Marshalian said that was correct.

Barger thanked the women for their commitment..

 “I want to thank you both for coming down,” she said. “The town council has been very active in addressing issues affecting Acton.”

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