5 Tips on Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle While in Your 30s


Are you in your 30s? You might be at the cusp of the middle or the end of the spectrum. No matter in which bracket you find yourself in, chances are that you are an extremely busy person with an equally busy schedule. Juggling between job, family, relationships, mortgage, career growth, and so many other things, you are quick to forget the implications of this fast-paced and stressed life on your health.

Many feel guilty about prioritizing themselves before others and end up receiving the shorter end of the happiness stick. It is simple. If you are healthy you will be in better condition to take care of those around you. 30s is crucial for your emotional as well as physical health and by making small tweaks, it is possible to achieve the balance.

Let’s take a look.

Do Not Sacrifice Your Sleep

Being amidst the whirl of responsibilities, it is easy for you to forgo on your sleep time just so that you have that extra time to complete your tasks. Everyone has been there and resonate with your thought process. However, it is often counteractive on your vision of achieving your goals because your mind is not rested. You may have the best natural mattress, keeping in mind the health quotient but it won’t work unless you hit that snooze time.

For instance, you are finding it difficult to catch a few winks, try resting against your bed frame with headboard, doing absolutely nothing. This might cajole your body into sliding down under the covers and catch up on the much-deserved sleep.  You can choose the right mattress for yourself, it might be a latex mattress or a foam one which will help you doze off without much effort.

Sleep to keep yourself healthy and ensure that others around you are in safe hands.  A well-rested and body can also help you improve your productivity! And to quote the Hulk, “ I see this as an absolute winner”.

Maintain an Optimum Weight

When you are in your 30s, it is difficult to get back into your college body and nor we are asking you to. Having a positive body image and confidence with who you are is supreme. However, excessive weight and obesity are silent killers that can adversely impact your body and reduce your quality of life. An increase in weight is associated with high blood pressure, respiratory problems, joint pains, and so much more which will definitely hit your hustle hard.

If you want to be agile and productivity, the first aim is to lose weight and maintain an optimum value, neither too little nor too much. However, it is important that the idea to lose weight is to be healthy and not for vanity as it will further create mental issues.

You can hit the gym, try Zumba, yoga or any other activity for that matter and improve your lifestyle. Forget the expensive gym fees and do some pilates on your indoor-outdoor rug to get your daily workout in.

Engage in Communication in Your Relationships

In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is important that you are balanced both physically as well as mentally. The mental stability can be achieved by communicating with near and dear ones. Communication is an important facet of everybody’s life and not being express ideas represses a person and impair his self-confidence and esteem. In the case of couples, effective communication can salvage a relationship and help bring out factors that were gnawing away at their minds.

You should establish clear communication with your children, ensuring that they are aware of the ongoings around the house and are able to stay with you as a family, having a support system can help you overcome hurdles and give you strength that you never knew you had.

In a nutshell, if you communicate, you are mentally relaxed which will allow you to focus on your overall health and development as well. It is all interconnected.

Start With Regular Medical Screening & Testing

Stress and pressure catch up fast and if you think that since you are ‘only’ 30, think again. You are more prone to lifestyle diseases in your fast-paced life. You are clearly at the risk of developing diabetes, high blood pressure and others that may have infiltrated your body. Via regular tests, you will be able to keep these health impurities at bay or control them from causing any further damage.

This regular screening and testing are even more important if you have a family history of cancer or heart disease. It is important to know your medical history and factors to stay informed about future implications. Being aware of your own medical history will arm you and your doctor with the right set of treatments at the earliest timeline to prevent errors in diagnosis and treatment. It will be better to talk to your doctor about prevention and lifestyle decisions to curb them.

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Maintain a Healthy Diet

Your body is no more like a   that can down anything and everything. Now that you have entered your 30s, it is important to be mindful of what you are putting in your body as it can be counteractive to your health.  Earlier you needed nourishment to grow and now you need nourishment to maintain a healthy body that is active and free from ailments. It might be a good idea to dunk the readymade packaged foods because they save time and switch to fresh fruits & vegetables to replenish your body with proteins, vitamins, and healthy fat & carbs.

Vegetarians are at the lower end of the risk spectrum as their diet enables them to maintain a healthy heart which slashes their chances of developing cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure or cholesterol. Several fruits like berries are antioxidants that improve blood supply. Go grab your helping of fruits and vegetables and alter your diet for a fitter and healthier version of you.

Optimize Time

Not having enough time is the major cause of stress and believe it or not, obesity. Some do not have time to cook home food and hence, gorge on takeaways. Most of us are pressured for a time which leads to us trying to cram everything in a short span of time that shoots up our stress levels. 

Try doing a time assessment of your typical day. Do you have ample time to sleep, relax or do something that you like? If no, then you need to reevaluate your schedule and bring in more time for relaxation. You can also try getting a pet, a dog, perhaps which is known to have calming effects on the owners. A dog will demand your time and attention and interaction with these furballs is nothing short of a breath of fresh air.

Wrapping Up The 30s is a crucial age where you are growing as an individual as well as a person with relationships. To justify your presence, it is important that you take a step and breathe in to maintain a healthy mind, body, and soul.

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