VIDEO: Fire Department helps hiker trapped at Vasquez Rocks

First responders with LA County Fire coordinated the rescue of a hiker trapped in Vasquez Rocks.

First responders with the Los Angeles County Fire Department saved a hiker who was found Thursday afternoon after he became trapped at Vasquez Rocks.

Emergency calls came in shortly after 11 a.m. regarding a hiker with an injury who needed assistance, according to Supervisor Bernard Peters with the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

The hiker reportedly had an injured ankle and could not continue, as temperatures climbed into the 90s at Vasquez Rocks, according to fire officials.

One of the L.A. County fire officials who assisted in the rescue tweeted out a view of the operation in the following Tweet: 

“A glimpse at today’s #Hoist #Rescue from our @Sikorsky #Firehawk as we lower #Paramedic to injured #Hiker located in #VasquezRocks. Mission completed with assistance from @LACOFD ground units & @AMR_Social @LASDHQ also great assist from our #Dispatchers #Teamwork @local1014” read the Tweet from @MichaelDubron.

The hiker was found after about a 15- to 20-minute flyover of the park. Due to the minor nature of the injury — and the fact that ground transport was not available to reach the hiker where he was located — the man was airlifted from one spot in the park to another where an ambulance was waiting to transport him to the hospital.

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