Kaiser prepares for flu season

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Kaiser Permanente physicians are urging Santa Clarita Valley Kaiser members to get a flu shot Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Santa Clarita Medical Offices, located at 26877 Tourney Road.

Every year, millions of people get the flu, and hundreds of thousands of individuals end up in the emergency room or hospitalized because of the virus, according to a news release from the health care provider. This is partly why it’s been highly recommended by physicians that the elderly, pregnant women and babies who are 6 months and older, along with those with chronic health conditions, get vaccinated this flu season.

“A common misconception is that a flu shot will make you sick,” pediatric infectious disease specialist Dr. Margaret M. Khoury said in a news release. “That is simply not true.”

Khoury said one cannot contract the flu from simply getting a flu shot.

“However, by not getting vaccinated, you put yourself and your loved ones at a greater risk of getting the flu, which causes serious illness, hospitalizations and deaths every year,” Khoury said, adding, “Most flu-related illnesses and deaths could be prevented simply by getting vaccinated.”

It’s important to understand the benefits of flu immunizations, “which is why we strongly encourage getting your flu shot, and to get it early for maximum protection,” Khoury said, because getting vaccinated will protect your health, as well as reduce the amount of missed school and work days.

Additional times and locations for flu shots can be found at kp.org/flu.

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