Signs Your Relationship Is Healthy


British writer Nick Hornby once said, “It’s not good to pretend that any relationship has a future. If you like different things, then you won’t even talk to each other if you accidentally meet at a party.” You may not be a psychotherapist or an expert in family relationships, but you may be the person who is fortunate enough to meet your happiness in this life. Ask any couple who has been together for ten years, what is the recipe for a perfect marriage? It is unlikely that these people will tell you that their relationship is based solely on a community of interests. They will tell you that their marriage is far from ideal. Sometimes quarrels happen, sometimes scandals. Nevertheless, all this in no way can destroy the feeling of satisfaction and happiness. Why? They all know how to compromise, so they get along together for so long. Next, we will present you some signs of a happy relationship. But first, look at these ladies. What if you build a happy relationship with one of them?

· You are happy together, even when you just sit in silence

For many centuries, philosophers and psychologists have tried to classify various types of love. As a result, specialists came to the conclusion that the indicator of good relationships is joint activity. You should be calm and comfortable with your partner. You can lie on the couch and do nothing at all (not even talk) and you’ll feel good together anyway.

· You have spark

Perhaps the butterflies in the stomach will stop fluttering after a week or several months of a relationship. But there must be a spark between you that will not die even when you become old. Partners should experience excitement and thrill in communicating with each other.

· You express gratitude

Psychologists assure that the key to a happy and long relationship is a feeling of gratitude to a partner and the opportunity to show it. Everything that your partner does is important. It helps you not to forget why you fell in love with him or her. It is sometimes difficult to find the time (work, children, and household chores) to tell a person that you are grateful for everything but try to do it. Think about three things every day for which you should say thank you to your loved one. If you can’t find such things in a partner, this is an alarming sign.

· You fantasize about your future

Falling asleep, you think how great you will have time together tomorrow. If you get stuck in a traffic jam, you fantasize about how your life may develop further, where and how you will live, how many children you will have and what kind of dog. Fantasy is not stupidity but an important mental process, which, by the way, helps a person in many ways, including in building happy relationships. For example, they are useful in setting goals and planning. It helps think of alternative ways to solve complex and conflict situations. And most importantly, it is just inspiring.

· · You can always count on each other’s support

Your partner will never leave you alone with an important life issue, his or her natural desire is to protect and support you. Your partner has the strength and desire to go through different stages of the relationship. And this is mutual because this is what is called love!

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