Six Flags to kick off Fright Fest with Coffin Challenge

Six Flags Magic Mountain attendees at the park's annual Fright Fest enjoy a performance at the 2018 event. Signal file photo

By Raychel Stewart

For The Signal

Six Flags Magic Mountain is kicking off Fright Fest with a first-of-its-kind challenge for guests: Stay in a coffin for 30 hours.

Starting Friday, Sept. 13, at 3 p.m., six contestants will forfeit their connections to the outside world and lie motionless in coffins until the opening of Fright Fest at 9 p.m. Saturday, for a chance to win a prize of $666 and a 2020 golden season pass — which includes full access to Magic Mountain and the adjacent Hurricane Harbor.

Contestants will be disqualified if they leave the coffin for any reason aside from the designated challenges and restroom breaks.

Challenges consist of a hot pepper eating contest and a nighttime haunted maze race.

Contestants can look forward to “terrifying visits” from Fright Fest characters during their confinement, according to Six Flags’ website.

Six Flags will provide contestants with meals, which must be eaten in the coffin, but contestants must provide their own pillows and blankets for comfort.

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