Southbound truck clips big rig in Grapevine, goes airborne, crashes through guardrail into northbound lanes


The driver of a box truck that clipped a big rig southbound in the Grapevine Thursday morning was injured after he lost control of his vehicle, crashed through the guardrail and into oncoming traffic in the northbound lanes.

No collision occurred when the box truck entered the northbound lanes of Interstate 5, near Smokey Bear Road, said Officer Josh Greengard, of the California Highway Patrol.

The box truck driver, however, suffered minor injuries and was taken to the hospital, he said.

The incident prompted the shutdown of all lanes — except for the fast lane — on the northbound I-5.

“The box truck driver clipped the big rig, lost control and crashed through the center guardrail,” Greengard said.

Witnesses told the CHP the wayward truck became airborne as it crashed onto the northbound lanes.

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