The Essential Guide on Learning to Play the Guitar

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How many are fascinated by music and wished they had the chance to learn to play a musical instrument? Or maybe they had the chance but failed to properly learn how to play the instruments due to lack of time, appropriate motivation or a good teacher.

The dream of learning how to play the guitar is quite common among many people, but the majority give up after a couple of months. Many might tell themselves they can’t because they “have no talent” for music. Well, the reality is that talent can be learned, you only have to be consistent in your efforts.

It is never too late to learn to do something new. No matter your age, learning to play the guitar is a fantastic feeling that you should not miss out due to the frustration of not experiencing immediate results.

Here is an essential guide on starting out learning to play the guitar, so keep reading if you want to know more about how you can do it more efficiently and with better results.

Stop finding excuses

First of all, before even starting, set your mind to the fact that you can learn to play the guitar. Stop finding the classical excuses like “I’m too old”, or “I don’t have enough time”. Your thoughts and feelings have an enormous impact on the learning process, so better to start motivated and willing to learn.

Acknowledge that you’ll have to work to see results

Yes, you want to learn how to play the guitar and possibly you want to expect to be able to play your favorite songs within a couple of months. But you need to work hard to expect such results! The practice is essential in the learning process, and of course, you have to start from the basics. If you can overcome the frustrations of having to play very simple songs at the beginning, and that the learning process is time-consuming, you’ll be able to properly learn to play the guitar.

Now that your mind is ready: find a guitar!

Once you have prepared yourself to the real challenge ahead you and you are motivated to learn, it is time to find your guitar. By finally purchasing a guitar (thus, spending money on it), you’ll feel even more compelled to learn. Try to look for a guitar that feels comfortable to hold and that is right for your hands and arms.

A worthwhile investment would be to buy a good guitar tuner, that comes in four different forms, according to your needs.

Look for a teacher or try learning online

The next step is to finally start playing the chords of your guitar. Of course, you’re reading this article because you’re probably just starting and you need some tips. When starting, it is important to find a great teacher, one that is motivated and who will help you tailor the lessons to your preferences.

Alternatively, you might want to start watching online videos on how to play the guitar and try getting your head around the chords. Remember that there are different methods and ways to refer to chords, so when going through different online sources, that might confuse you.

You will need to learn guitar chords on your own, but luckily, there are several online courses available and videos teaching you step by step how to learn to play the guitar.
One thing to mention is that a physical teacher will be able to correct you when you make mistakes and is experienced in teaching to others. Additionally, the commitment to learn will be higher when physically going to lessons.

Include regular practice sessions in your schedule

You must set yourself the goal to regularly practice playing the guitar. If you want to reach the next level and increase the chances of success, even 10 minutes a day can make the difference. You can organize your practicing routine as you prefer, but a dose of exercises including new tunes and scales is recommended. Also, if you want to learn specific songs, try to practice those every day too. Depending on what your goal is, set appropriate challenges and lessons and stick to them, you’ll be properly rewarded, that is for sure.

Hard work pays off, especially when learning a musical instrument such as the guitar.

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