Who You Should Recognize in Your Community and Why


Recognizing certain people in the community that volunteer, play recreational sports, keep their lawn up to city code, and contribute to the city is very important, especially if you want to keep them around and have them keep contributing. Awarding them or giving them some type of recognition will allow them to feel like their efforts truly mean something to the community and are highly appreciated. You can easily print out and frame a certificate, hand out gift cards, or use edco.com to purchase a variety of different styled glass awards that will surely show volunteers just how much they are appreciated in their town. Once you start recognizing them, you will notice that their motivation will start to grow larger. There is the possibility that others will see their recognition and start to contribute more so one day they may receive the same type of recognition.


Volunteering is something every community appreciates and sometimes it is critical to let community members know just how much they are appreciated. Whether it is once a month or once a year, every town and city should pick out their top volunteer members and award them for their good deeds to their community. Taking time out of a person’s life to give freely, as a volunteer does, is an amazing thing. You never know how many lives a volunteer will touch in the course of their day.

Recreational Activities

Every town or city should have a variety of different recreational activities for members of the community to take part in. The activities will help bring everyone together and get to know the neighbors they have never met. Whether it is baseball, soccer, or basketball, it is always ideal to hand out awards to the winning team or the most valuable player. This will not only allow children and adults to feel like an MVP, but it will also give them more motivation to keep coming back to play and get more involved with their community and it’s members.

Best Landscape Design

A great way to show the community how much you appreciate their efforts in keeping the neighborhood looking top-notch is to hand out awards for the best landscape design in certain areas of the town. Not only will it keep homeowners keeping their landscaping pristine, but it will also bring new homeowners into the mix as they try to better their lawns and yard in hopes to receive a reward for their landscape design. Everyone enjoys bringing out their creative side and all you simply need to do to bring it out in your city or town is start a yearly vote of the best yards in your neighborhood.

Citizen of the Year

Every city has a select few people that contribute to their town regularly without being paid or recognized. By awarding these individuals, you will be giving them a reason to keep doing what they do best and that is taking care of their community. Instead of bypassing their contributions, take the time to recognize them once a year with an award or a plaque stating what their contributions have been to the city and its people. Everyone deserves an award for hard work and efforts, especially when it comes to taking care of an entire community of people.

If you appreciate the efforts of people in your community, it is important to recognize them with awards or plaques to allow them to see the recognition and appreciation face to face. Awards can be given for a variety of things, including the largest contributor in the community, recreational sports, volunteer services, and best landscaping designs for homeowners. Just by showing them your appreciation as a community, you are bound to help raise their self-esteem and motivation to keep up their efforts within the city. If you let these people go unnoticed for their efforts, chances are one day they stop since they were never recognized for their contributions in the community. Everyone deserves to be recognized whether it is the banker, the janitor, or a volunteer at the local food bank. It is up to you to start the road to recognition.

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