‘Juice Jacking’ private information from charging stations and USB cables

The Los Angeles County District Attorney is warning to avoid using USB-charging stations at hotels, airports and other locations.

By Kimberly Silverio-Bautista 

For The Signal

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office is urging the community to avoid using the USB-charging stations at hotels, airports and other locations, or at least to use with caution.

“Juice jacking” is as a malware cyber attack installed by scammers. It’s loaded into charging stations or leave USB cables plugged into the stations ready to retrieve private information.

Passwords and other personal data is what they gain possession of once a user connects to a charging station or a USB cable to a device, which retrieves and copies it. 

They highly encourage people to avoid using the charging stations. Instead, they should use an AC power outlet, purchase portable chargers and an AC or car charger. 

If anyone has been a victim of the scam, get in contact with your local law enforcement nearby. 

For further information about the scam, updates will posted at @LADAOffice on Instagram and Twitter.

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