Workplace Truth Bombs That You Didn’t Know

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Did you ever feel let down by a colleague? If yes, then my friend, you aren’t alone in this. Of course, you thought he was your friend. It seemed like he was your friend, but things changed.

Despite what happened between the two of you, never mix your professional or personal life. So, should that mean, even if your equation with your colleague isn’t the best, you still have to be cordial professionally? Doesn’t seem quite easy, right? Well, we all indeed wish to have a great time at work. More so because the time you spend at work is more than the time you spend in any other place. So, why should you not want to have some workplace fun? Sadly, being able to do what you love and enjoy might not always be in sync with your workplace rules. Mia who offers online accounting homework help says that one thing that my workplace taught me is – Things aren’t necessarily how they seem at the surface.

Now, to give you better clarity on the same, we have come up with 5 truth bombs about your workplace. If you understand them in time, it will help improve your professional life.

You and your co-workers aren’t friends

 Did you think you and your co-workers are going to be best friends? Of course, that’s what the people who call the shots in the organisation want you to believe. Be smart enough to not be fooled by the phoniness. Your hiring managers, recruiters and the HRs will try and imbibe in you that they have an open workplace culture. They value honesty and teamwork. Yes, all organizations are the same. They feed you the same things over and over again. But the ground reality is, it is all untrue. All of us, as individuals are competitive.

It is useless to pretend otherwise. Being competitive isn’t bad. But you cannot expect your co-workers to be your friends. Agustya who offers online blockchain certifications says that we expect too much from our friends. Such dynamic doesn’t work at the workplace. There all of us want to grow and earn a living. Can you sacrifice your pay-check for your friendship? No, right? So, why should they? The fact of the matter is, at the workplace, the only relationships we develop are professional. It cannot be anything more or less. 

Perception Is Reality

Sadly, this is my least favourite truth here. It is something that I am unable to accept. Probably, I won’t be able to accept it anytime soon, either. Amaira who recently had to pay for research paper services online says that it is about appearances at the workplace. At organisations, looking busy and being busy are both same. Why? Because perception is the reality. Unfortunately, if you have been tagged as the office clown, you are one. No matter how hard you try thereafter, things barely change. If you have been looked like someone who always leaves as the clock strikes five, no one will ever give you big opportunities. But this doesn’t mean, you only have to be about appearances. You have to work out a balance between how you showcase yourself and how you are. If you can achieve that balance, you will be called, a true professional. 

Open Doors Are Not Open

Let’s understand this with two scenarios.

First – At a meeting or during a presentation, your seniors tell you, your feedbacks are welcome.    

Second – Your HR tells you, you can always reach out to me. 

Meaning? ‘The door is open.’

So, now when the time comes, you speak your mind and give honest feedback. What happens? You are now an enemy, somebody who finds fault in everything. Suddenly, you become this person who doesn’t fit in the ‘group.’

Seems harsh? Well, sadly, this is the reality of the workplace. All brutally honest people experience the same fate. Why? Criticism, feedback, etc., is seen as a personal attack. Honestly, it has got nothing to do with you. 99% of people do not take criticism positively. Yes, we are all humans! So, what should you do? Tia who offers research paper for sale online says that the key to workplace success is, never be too honest. Does that mean you have to be fake? No, just modest and empathetic. Work on yourself and devise a polite way of giving feedback or criticism.  

Couples Are Targets

Science proves that the more you meet someone, the more attractive they seem to you. It is a prime reason why you often feel attracted to your co-workers. Is it a bad thing? Well, not necessarily. However, if you are unable to handle it the right way, things can go wrong. Why? Couples are usually the outcast in the workplace. Of course, there is a bit of your fault too in it. If you two are only talking to each other, you are bound to be the target of the office gossip. Such a situation is not favourable when you want to grow in a company. Anaida who offers online assignment help says the ideal solution is always keeping your love life and work life, separate. 

Be Irreplaceable 

In every company, you’ll find some people are given more preference over others. They get better projects, quick hikes, and faster promotions. Why because, the company believes that these people are irreplaceable. Sam who did an excellent dreamstime review says that at a workplace your goal should be irreplaceable. If you are irreplaceable you will be given special treatment. So, put your best foot forward, and try to grab that special treatment. 

So, these are the top 5 truth bombs that you need to be beware about!

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