Castaic school board considers purchase of lockdown kits for classrooms

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The Castaic Union School District is considering the purchase of lockdown kits for Castaic classrooms, a reality they’ve needed to consider given the events since the Saugus High School shooting.

Proposed by board President Fred Malcomb, the board recognized the need for the kits after seeing how, depending on the circumstances, students and staff may be locked in their classrooms for extended periods of time in accordance with emergency lockdown protocols.

The kits would include both a portable toilet — including a privacy containment — and give students access to water and snacks, according to Malcomb.

“Let’s say we had a real-world lockdown, with somebody in the area doing something that they’re not supposed to do and we have to lock down our schools,” said Malcomb. “We have our students locked in the classroom.”

“If you got a kid that just came back from lunch, or you got a kid that’s got a medical issue, and they have to use the restroom,” Malcomb said. “I can’t just unlock that door escort him down to the bathroom and let them do their business.”

Malcomb said there are a number of “Stop the Bleed” kits already on the district’s four campus sites, with site staff trained on how to use them.

The lockdown kits, Malcomb said, come with buckets, a toilet seat, tissue paper, wipes and sanitary gloves. The bungalow provides privacy, because without it, the other students would be asked to turn around.

“So included in (the kit) is water, and we should have a snack,” said Malcomb. “Whatever it takes, because our kids can be in that classroom for two, three, maybe even four hours depending on what’s going on.”

According to an agenda item from the board’s Thursday night meeting, Live Oak Elementary held a fundraiser and now has the most complete emergency kits with each adjoining pod and bungalow having one 5-gallon bucket, snap-on toilet seat with lid, 100 wet wipes, 10 pairs of vinyl gloves, one 5×7 blue poly tarp, one toilet paper roll, 25 waste bags, utility tape, and 4.5-pound bag of kitty litter. The PTA added S.O.S Emergency food ration, two bags of Millenium Food Bars and Stop the Bleed Kits.

The proposition brought forward by Malcomb would put similar kits in each classroom within the district.

Malcomb said the board has not made a decision yet in terms of purchasing the kits or what would be the exact items included within each. The prices listed on the agenda item for a variety of kits ranged from $40 to $125 per kit.

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