Special Section: 10 Stories That Shaped the SCV in 2019

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2019 was eventful in the Santa Clarita Valley, in a multitude of ways. As the year draws to a close, as we do each year, The Signal is taking a look back at the stories that shaped and impacted our community throughout the year. 

Presented in the following pages are 10 of those stories. This is not a “ranking,” per se, as such a device would seem crass considering the gravity of some of the stories, and the devastating impacts some of these  stories had on the people of the SCV. 

We are republishing selected stories in their entirety, but in many cases these are mere sampling’s of the coverage, as some of these stories resulted in literally dozens of articles covering various facets of a story as it evolved. 

From politics to milestones to crimes and disasters — and the community’s resilience in pulling together through them — these are the news stories that, in our view, had the most significant impacts on the community we love, a community we are proud to call home. 

Click here to download a pdf of this special section of The Signal.

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