Student filmmakers mistaken for kidnappers, deputies create teaching moment

The Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's Station

A group of young adults were mistaken for being potential kidnappers in Castaic Monday.

Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station officials said they received a call Monday afternoon from a concerned citizen.

The citizen, according to officials, said there was a group of young adults who were acting suspiciously, and that it looked like a kidnapping.

Deputies, responding near Romero Canyon Road, went “Code 3,” or to use their lights and sirens, in order to respond as quickly as possible to an active situation.

When deputies arrived, they said they found the source of the call and understood exactly what was occurring and why there was some confusion.

“It was some young adults filming a video with all their camera equipment,” said Shirley Miller, a spokeswoman for the SCV Sheriff’s Station.

While Miller said that it was unpermitted filming, deputies arrived on the scene and said there was no kidnapping underway.

No one was taken into custody, but law enforcement officials used what could have been a more serious situation to create a public service announcement.

“The (responding) deputy said if you think you have alarmed someone and they’re calling the police, it’s a good idea to call us and give us a heads-up,” said Miller. “Tell us who you are, where you are and what you’re doing.”

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