Things You Might Forget When Preparing Your Child for College


Sending a child off to college is always an exciting time. As your children prepare to fly the nest, you might feel like there are a thousand things to prepare. Here are some of the things you should never forget when getting your child ready for college.

New Bedding

If your child is going into dorms, you need to make sure that they are going to get as good a night’s sleep as possible. Dorm beds are notoriously bad. Whether they are going to be in a loft bed or a raised one, you need to make sure that they are going to be comfortable.

One of the first things you should buy is a mattress topper. This can either be just a simple protective layer or it can be slightly thicker for more comfort when laying in bed. It will no doubt make those hard dorm beds a bit better.

You should also think about buying all new bedding. While they might get pillows and a comforter supplied as part of their dorm inventory, there is no knowing when these were last washed. Buying fresh means that you can know for definite that it is clean. Your child will also be able to decide whether they want to take their sheets from home with them or buy new ones for the next step in their life.


Have you checked with your insurance policies to see whether your child will be covered when they live in their dorm? If they are not, or your own policy does not offer them the right level of insurance, you should think about taking out a Student Renters Insurance policy. Only 41% of renters bother to get covered which means that the other 59% miss out on some amazing benefits.

One key benefit is coverage against theft even when it occurs outside of your child’s room. If they hop off for a bathroom break at the library and come back to discover that their laptop and textbooks have been swiped, they are still going to be covered.

Insurance policies like this are not expensive and should be a must for all. Finding the right one is not going to take a massive bite out of your child’s monthly budget and it will obviously be better in the long term just in case something does get stolen.

Extra Storage

Your child is only going to have a set amount of space when they moved in. They will have closet space and little else. Therefore, it is important that you set them up with fantastic storage solutions so they are able to maximise the space in their small dorm room to max potential.

For example, buying some dividers for their closet space means that they will be able to get more out of it. An organiser which gives some shelves inside the wardrobe or some boxes for under the bed are going to be great for giving a little bit more space and breaking down on clutter. As soon as you know which dorm your child will be going into, work out which storage they would like the most. It is key that you get their input on this as it is going to be their first adult room away from the family house. They need it to feel like theirs.

A Treat for You

Whether it is your first child, your youngest, or any in between, saying goodbye to your child at their dorm is likely to be extremely difficult. Expect tears on your part and feelings of an empty nest even if you have other children still at home.

Therefore, you should set up a treat for you and your family once the move-in process is complete. It will allow you all the chance to get away and enjoy some time together. You might also get the chance to adjust the family dynamics so you can get used to being without your child who is at college. Focus on those who are there and not the one who is missing.

Sending your child off to college is likely to be filled with difficult moments and sadness amongst the happiness and the excitement. Work together to make this as memorable an experience as possible and try to let your child take the lead. College is going to be one of their first adult experiences. Keep focused on remembering the little things so you can both be fully prepped when you head off.

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