2020 Belmont Stakes Gets Postponed With No Final Date Yet, NYRA Says

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Everyone seems to be dodging a bullet as the COVID-19 outbreak hits a lot of developed countries in the world. Europe, Asia, and the Americas are the major continents currently affected by this virus. Social distancing has been widely advised, while events that involve a crowd gathering are either postponed or canceled.

Because of this, the economic situation of the world has undergone a crisis and suffers major fallbacks, especially the major ones. The stock market had just recently crashed, there is an ongoing price war in the oil industry, and the tourism sector is currently facing devastating losses.

One of the sectors affected by the COVID-19 outbreak is the sports betting industry. The pandemic caused numerous horse racing events lined up this year to be postponed to a later date. The Kentucky Derby, which is the largest horse racing event in the United States, will not commence until September 5 this year.

In line with that, the final and most crucial segment of the U.S. Triple Crown, which is the Belmont Stakes, got moved. It’s supposed to start on June 6, 2020, but due to the Corona Virus outbreak, the Belmont Stakes is yet to find a new event date after the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes.

Last Tuesday, the Churchill Downs, Inc announced that the Kentucky Derby would not start until September. With this statement released by the Churchill Downs organization, the New York Racing Association CEO Dave O’Rourke has responded to this update and moved Belmont Stakes to an unknown date.

As of today, the NYRA has not yet decided when the 2020 Belmont Stakes will start. But one thing’s for sure; the Belmont Stakes organization is abiding by the rules of the state to cancel or postpone any gathering events to avoid the spread of the coronavirus. Delaying the race is the last thing that they can do to make sure that it will still push through.

Moreover, the NYRA is working tightly with the horse racing community, including sports platforms and media entities that are responsible for the U.S. Triple Crown event. Everyone is keen on abiding the regulations against the recent pandemic. This is to ensure that the health of the public is prioritized before the interest of the sport.

As of the moment, there is no definite date as to when the Belmont Stakes will take place. The NYRA also mentioned that they would work directly with the Preakness Stakes and Kentucky Derby officials in coming up with a date for this event to commence. Rest assured that this will push through in the last quarter of the year.

Talking about the entries for the upcoming Belmont Stakes, the initially reported racehorses that will compete in this event have not yet withdrawn. Meaning to say, they will still run and hope to get the Belmont Stakes recognition this year. Additionally, sports bettors can still look forward to betting at tvg.com Belmont Stakes betting strategies.

Remember that the betting games are still the same, and the categories are still intact, carrying different amounts of prizes at stake. In fact, the postponement of the Belmont Stakes is an excellent opportunity for all punters to come up with the most effective betting strategy while considering all the accomplishments of each horse until the Belmont Stakes racing event begins.

All About The 2020 Belmont Stakes

Founded in 1867, the Belmont Stakes is about to celebrate its 153rd edition this year. As mentioned, this is the last segment of the U.S. Triple Crown Series. It has the longest-running distance to test the sturdiness and ability of the participating horses. Aside from that, there are various obstacles that a racehorse must overcome before they can reach the finish line.

It has also become part of the U.S. Triple Crown Series following the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes. Do know that a racehorse must accomplish and win these three horse racing events to be worthy of the Triple Crown title. Belmont Park has been the home of the Belmont Stakes since 1905.

The winner of the Belmont Stakes this year does receive not only a cash prize but also gets the chance of being bred into a richer horse racing competition. The horse is draped with a garland of white carnations, which is a tradition for the competition. The winning horse will also be given a distinct trophy in recognition of his victorious finish in the said competition.


Sports fans are looking forward to the U.S. Triple Crown Series this year, especially the Belmont Stakes. However, with the current health situation of the world caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the race has adjusted to the regulations set by the government to avoid further cases. Hence, the NYRA will soon announce as to when the 2020 Belmont Stakes will start, and we should all look forward to that.

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