Low odds bets: are they really the ultimate winning bets?


If you take a survey of 10 regular sports punters and ask them what they think the best kind of bet is, the chances are that more than half of them would tell you low odds bets.

If you dig a bit further and ask them why they think low odds bets are such good bets to stake on, their responses would point to the fact that low odds bets are low-risk bets, and with a healthy bankroll, you can transform the little odds into huge sums.

But are they really, right?

Usually, low odds are the kinds of odds you find on teams that are considered favorites or events that are more likely to happen. When the chances of a team winning or an event happening is low, the odds of such are usually high.

But before we go into analyzing whether or not low odds bets are the ultimate winning bets, as most punters love to call them, it’s important to first define what a low odd bet is.

What are low odds bets?

In the world of sports betting, the word “low odd bet” can be said to be quite subjective because what might be considered a “low odd” by one punter might be seen as a “high odd” by another punter.

Typically, for a risky punter, who’s always chasing the underdogs every time he visits the website of the bandar bola terbaik, odds like 1.90 will always appear low to him. But for a conservative punter, who’s always backing the favorites to win, odds like 1.90 might seem rather too high.

But, of course, we can still place a marker on which range of odds we want to consider low and which range we want to consider high. Because even though different punters have different perceptions about odd-risk, the vast majority of punters still believe that odds that fall below the range of 1.33 are low odds, while odds that go above the range of 2.50 are high odds. And odds in-between these two ranges can be called medium odds.

And now to the ultimate question of the day: do low odds bet guarantee winnings?

If you want to go by way of the cliché about “betting low, winning big,” then the straight answer to the question above would be: Yes, low odds bets guarantee winnings.

But, of course, sports betting isn’t rocket science and nothing is written in the stars. In fact, if there’s anything we’ve learned from history, it would be that it is not impossible to lose a low odd bet, as we’ve seen countless times in football betting. For instance, you might bet on Real Madrid at an odd of 1.12 (the favorite) to win a match against a team like Real Valladolid at an odd of 6.70 (the underdog). But beyond all odds, the underdog might thump the favorite, causing you to lose your supposed “sure banker” bet.

Indeed, low odds bets do guarantee safety and a lesser amount of risk, but you need to also bear in mind that not all 1.20s and 1.33s are the same and surely don’t depict every time the TRUE winning chances of a bet.

How to stake with low odds

Now that we’ve already established that low odds don’t automatically guarantee a winning, let’s now take a look at how you can improve your chances with them.

The best strategy to use with low odds is to stick with only top-class teams in games in which their odds of winning lie below 1.35. Supposing that teams like Liverpool in England, PSG in France, Juventus in Italy, Porto in Portugal, Ajax in the Netherlands, and even Club Brugge in Belgium win the vast majority of their league games, picking a bucket of these teams and following them all season long seems safe.

Even if one or two of them could face some mishits, the majority of these teams will be on the winning side.

In this strategy, teams are treated like shares on the stock market. You put your money on specific teams at the start of the season and pray they’ll keep on winning. This strategy might be winning at times, but it’s too risky. Remember, once you pick a team, you’ve got to follow them till the end. If you make mid-season changes, you’ll lose your money for sure.

As in the stock market, right picks are the key. PSG won 16 out of 17 home matches in the 2017-18 season. If you’d stake $100 on them at all home ties in 1.16 average odds, you’d have a total profit of $156.

That’s a 9.2% profit of your total stake ($1.700). But, what if you’ve picked Liverpool in the 2017-18 season? Their average home odds are much higher, as they’re in a more competitive league (1.41), but they had an inconsistent 12-7-0 (Win-draw-loss) home record.

If you’d bet $100 in Liverpool’s every home win, you’d have a $208 loss, which is roughly 11% of your total stake ($1900).

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