Starting a New Business – Solutions to Common Obstacles Leaders Face


With so much to consider as you start a new business, it’s not unusual for things to fall to the side and either be ignored or not planned upon. One thing you may not have thought about is how you plan to be an effective leader. Sure, it’s one thing to have a fabulous business plan and secure the financing, partnerships, and operational aspects that your new company requires, but how do you plan to lead employees in a way that ensures productivity?

It really comes down to being prepared and understanding what obstacles can exist to leading a team. Knowing which challenges you should be prepared to face will help you to put a game plan in place so you can quickly react to the issue at hand. So, with that in mind, here’s a look at some actionable solutions that will help you overcome common challenges as a leader.

Start with Your Own Solid Skillset and Knowledge

While you may be concerned about finding the right employees to help you build your business, in reality, you need to also possess the right kinds of skills and knowledge to be an effective leader. This is where an MBA programme, which is a Masters of Business Administration, can prove to be highly beneficial.

This programme is dedicated to building leaders and providing them with all the foundation they need to start their own business. Not only that, but the programme will address all these types of common challenges you’ll be faced with, and arm you with the solutions you’ll need.

If you’ve never looked into what’s involved in an MBA programme and how it could prep you for your future as a successful business owner and leader, check this article from Aston University Online – it outlines the top challenges faced by today’s leaders.

Finding the Right People for the Job

Right out of the gate, the first obstacle you will face will be to find the right people for the job. Because you can’t be everywhere and doing all things at once, you need staff that you can rely on to get things done. What this means is that they need the right kind of education, skills, experience, and knowledge.

So, how do you go about finding these ideal candidates? Use these tips:

  1. Make sure you clearly outline the job and its responsibilities in the ad you place
  2. Give thought to where you plan to recruit and advertise the job
  3. Use a variety of job posting options
  4. Consider a recruiting agency for top-level or highly-skilled jobs
  5. Look over CVs carefully and do some pre-screening
  6. Ensure you go through an in-depth interview process
  7. Follow up with references before making a final decision

Become an Expert at Prioritising and Delegating

Another issue is taking on too much. Sure, it’s your business, and you are the leader, so naturally, you want to do it all, but it’s just not possible. In fact, if you take on too many tasks, you risk making mistakes, letting things go by unnoticed, and costing the business money. So, what’s the solution? You need to be able to prioritise and delegate.

Wondering how to prioritise like a pro? These tips will come in handy:

  • Set up a ranking system and then give each task/item a ranking
  • Figure out what is most important in the day – making calls, looking for new business, attending or holding meetings, spending time out of the office, and so forth
  • Prioritise on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis so that everything gets a time slot
  • Refer to your priority list on a regular basis to stay on track

As for delegating, this is the art of knowing when it’s time to pass a task off to another individual. There are plenty of reasons to do this, including a lack of time on your part, you not having the right skills or experience to handle the task/job, as well as helping to improve workflow and streamline processes.

Be Cautious When Jumping into the Global Digital World

Finally, there is the often-tempting notion of jumping into the global digital world. Technology has opened all kinds of doors for businesses, connecting them to markets in easier and more streamlined ways than ever before. While that is certainly great and can be a goal for your company, jumping in too far and too fast can prove to be disastrous. Instead, take your time and go about things with a measured approach.

A Well-Prepared Leader

By understanding what obstacles and challenges you’ll face as a leader, you can be prepared with these solutions which will allow your business to operate in an efficient manner.

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