Top 5 Wellness Trends to Try This Summer

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With the state of the world as it is, there’s never been a better time to focus on your holistic well-being: mental, spiritual, and physical.

We’ve rounded up five of the top wellness trends that can help you come out of this summer in the best health possible

1. CBD

You’ve likely heard of Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, as it’s become a popular natural remedy used for many common ailments. CBD is sourced from the marijuana plant, but unlike THC, CBD isn’t psychoactive, so won’t result in a “high.”  Proponents say this chemical compound can be used for pain relief and anxiety reduction, and many have flocked to this wellness supplement because it’s completely natural.

You can find CBD in a variety of forms, including gummies, vape juice, and tinctures. When shopping for CBD supplies, only purchase those that are grown organically and free of fillers. For example, CBDfx tincture products are crafted from USA-grown organic hemp plants, and the company’s site notes that it adds no harmful chemicals to the formula. When it comes to supplements, quality is crucial, so do your research before you buy. 

2. Meditation & Mindfulness

Focus on mindfulness this summer; mindfulness refers is the basic ability to remain fully present and aware of where you are, and not become overwhelmed by what’s happening around you. Use meditation to help find your inner peace, whether you’re dealing with stressful employment situations or having a relaxing Friday night. Follow these simple tips to get started with your mindfulness practice:

  • Set aside time in your day: Dedicate a few minutes to start, morning or night (or both!)
  • Sit in a quiet space, and observe the present moment
  • Pay attention to your judgments, thoughts, and feelings, then let them pass
  • When you realize your attention has drifted, bring your focus back to the present moment
  • Don’t panic when your thoughts wonder; gently corral yourself back to where you are and what you’re doing
  • Practice

If you need guidance, there are plenty of online tools available to talk you through your meditations.

3. Energy Medicine

The phrase “energy medicine” refers to practices that are meant to heal the human “energy body” via acupuncture, crystal healing, chakra balancing, reiki, and the likes. The future of wellness may prove to be a mélange of both Western medicine and ancient medicine. As there are now cutting-edge “energy-healing” technologies, such as aura machines and the like, there are new ways embrace the power of healing methods that have been around for thousands of years while adhering to modern Western practices. Consider checking out an energy medicine seminar to learn more about these intuitive guidance trends.

4. Virtual Gym Classes

As coronavirus swept the nation, gyms were forced to close their doors, and avid gym rats were forced to find new ways to stay in shape (often without even leaving their homes). Fortunately, many gyms, online fitness subscriptions, and fitness influencers are helping their community by providing free virtual workouts. From Peloton to OpenFit, there are plenty of ways to get your heart rate up, even when you’re stuck inside the house.  

Depending on the app and company, you may be able to access free trials that last from two weeks to three months. No quarantine 15, here!

5. Get in Touch with Nature

While the front half of summer may see us building our muscles in the comfort of our own homes, the latter half may see a huge exodus to our local and national parks. When shelter in place mandates lift, many of us will likely focus on getting back to natural elements, instead of focusing on our digital presence. While we wait for the worst of the pandemic to be behind us, create a dream list on Airbnb of places you’d like to visit once quarantine is lifted.

Key Takeaways

Instead of focusing on the stressful world events currently taking place, funnel your energy towards nurturing your body and mind this summer. With the above wellness trends, you can weather this pandemic, bolster your mental fortitude, and keep your heart healthy in the months to come. 

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