Energy Saving Ideas for Small Businesses

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As a small business, running an efficient operation should be your top concern. With overhead costs to take into account, there are several measures you can take to cut back on outgoing bills. Many small businesses have tight budgets to work with, so if you want to save money and create a greener environment, here are 5 energy-saving ideas you can adopt today.

Invest in Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

The light bulbs you use in your business may be the root cause of how much you pay in energy each month. If you have a large workplace, the number of light bulbs will soon add up, so instead of sticking with traditional ones, it may be time to invest in LED light bulbs. Using greener bulbs will not only use up to 80% less energy, but they will also save you money too. Known to also last longer, LED light bulbs won’t need to be changed as frequently.

Install Motion Sensitive Lighting

It can be easy to leave lights switched on when they don’t need to be. To combat this and help save money on your energy bill, installing motion-sensitive lights may help, as they will automatically turn off when a room is not in use. You can also make the most of natural lighting with summer coming up, such as by opening window blinds during daylight hours to reduce business energy costs.

Switch Off Equipment Overnight

When the working day is over, many of us can’t get out of the office quick enough. Unfortunately, this may mean that you forget to switch off your computers and laptops, leaving them on standby mode instead. Standby mode still consumes energy, so make sure that you turn off or unplug equipment before leaving. What’s more, turning off one single monitor when it is not in use could save your company up to £35 a year on business electricity bills.

Conduct an Energy Audit

If you’re struggling to establish where energy is being consumed in your business, it may be wise to conduct an energy audit. To do this, you will need to take frequent meter readings around your workplace to monitor your energy consumption. Once you have your results, you can figure out which areas could save you money. Whether you do a DIY energy audit or hire a professional to come in, there are lots of handy tips that can help you create a greener business.

Find a New Energy Supplier

One definite way to reduce energy and gas consumption, as well as the amount you pay out each month, is by changing energy supplier. There are lots of providers on the market who will offer special incentives to lure business owners in, so it’s worth considering whether this could be right for your business. There are comparison websites like Utility Bidder that you can use to help you find the best business gas rates.

For small businesses to thrive, they need to save every penny they can. Whether you’re about to launch your own start-up, or you’ve noticed an increase in your energy bill, all the suggestions above can contribute towards creating a more efficient workplace.

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