Santa Clarita COVID-19 digital time capsule to be created


The Signal is creating a COVID-19 digital time capsule for the Santa Clarita Valley.

All residents are encouraged to send in photos of your memories of sheltering in place and surviving the pandemic. 

Photos of masks, family and pets, a digital journal of your thoughts, letters, photos of artworks you created and all of your memories that can be stored digitally and saved. The digital material will be donated to the Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society for safekeeping and opened for public viewing in 30 years, on Oct. 28, 2050.

“There is no doubt these are unprecedented times and a period we will all remember,” said Signal Publisher/Owner Richard Budman. “News reports in The Signal and on television will tell our future generations the statistics of the pandemic, how many people were infected, deaths, etc. This digital time capsule will help tell the personal side of the pandemic, our collective worries and griefs, and the times we lived through.”

“It could be said that current events are actually history happening now,” said Alan Pollack, president of the SCV Historical Society. “With the COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently living through what may turn out to be a seminal event in world history, probably to be remembered by historians hundreds of years from now. Due to the magnitude of this moment in time, it is important that we document the experiences of our local community through photos and stories, to be available for future generations and historians.”

Pollack added: “We at the Historical Society commend Richard Budman and The Signal for their COVID-19 time capsule effort and are honored to be the custodians of this information to be shared with Santa Claritans many years in the future so that they might learn firsthand what we are going through now.”

To be included, please send your submissions to [email protected].

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