Stevenson Ranch student finds grandmother’s misplaced wedding ring during quarantine

Stephanie Probert and her grandmother, Pat LoGrasso, sit with the wedding ring Probert found that was lost for over seven years. Courtesy photo
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Stevenson Ranch resident and CSUN student Stephanie Probert wanted to help her grandmother out during COVID-19, but never expected to find the ring her grandfather had given her grandmother nearly half a century ago.

According to Probert, she said she was at home much like everyone else during COVID-19, wondering what she could be doing with her time when it wasn’t occupied with school work.

“I feel like everyone’s been really negative about this instead of looking at the positives,” said Probert. “I couldn’t see my grandmother because I was busy with school, but with this now I can.”

Probert’s grandmother, Pat LoGrasso, told her granddaughter to come over if she was bored at home, but truly wanted her company. Driving once a week down to her grandmother’s home in Rancho Cucamonga, Probert said she got busy fast helping out LoGrasso, who suffers from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD.

“She does get very exhausted very easily,” said Probert. “So I make dinner, I help her move things, we’ve actually been redoing parts of her house.“

Probert has also helped with outdoor chores as well as doing the grocery shopping in order to ensure her elderly grandmother does not need to go outside and be exposed to the coronavirus.

Pat LoGrasso sits with her necklace made of her found wedding band, her husband’s wedding ring and a heart-shaped pendant with his finger print on it. Courtesy photo.

“She’s here and she helps out a lot,” said LoGrasso.

However, probably the most impactful thing she’s done for her grandmother, LoGrasso said, was helping her find a cherished item she thought she had lost forever.

In 2014, LoGrasso had moved homes and during the move she had dropped her jewelry box. She said she scrambled to pick everything up from the ground, including her wedding ring.

However, when she went back to check the box, she could not find the wedding band that her husband, who had since passed away, had given her to kick off their 40 years of marriage.

LoGrasso has been wearing, every day, the 25th anniversary ring her husband gave her. But during one of Probert’s visits, her granddaughter shouted out to her, “Grandma, is this the ring you were looking for?”

Probert said she found the ring in a small baggie tucked away in the jewelry box.

“I just started crying,” said LoGrasso. “I felt that I had just lost it, and figured it was in the grass up in Lockwood somewhere.”

“I wear it around my neck with my husband’s wedding band and a little heart with his fingerprint on it.”

“I want to take this time and spend it with her,” said Probert. “I want all these memories with her.”

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