Dating Statistics All Singles Need to Know


When it comes to dating, sometimes it’s easier for you to go by the simple statistics to properly wade through the difficult aspects of finding a partner. To help us get clarity on the most common questions about relationships, we asked dating experts from to share their opinion regarding this issue. Here are some things that are proven true that you’ll need to know if you’re getting into a relationship anytime soon.

Shared Interests and Sex Are Important to a Successful Marriage

Two things that can keep a marriage together are shared interests and sex. While it might seem almost ridiculous to have to say this, physical closeness in the act of sex is as helpful to the relationship as it is enjoyable for both parties. Shared interests are also very important because they ensure that the two people spend time with one another. That doesn’t mean people have to spend every waking moment with their partners, only that they should have something to enjoy together.

Most People Are Getting Remarried

People that had a failed marriage are not staying single in the present. More and more people are giving remarriage a shot since they believe they have learned enough from the first experience to be better. Knowing what they have to have in a relationship as well as what they can’t stand provides people with a better platform from which to determine if a partner is good for them. Don’t fret; more formerly married people are joining the dating scene!

Most People Think That Online Dating Is a Good Way to Meet People

Online dating is a fantastic way to get involved with romance. Almost half of all adults have tried it, and people in the younger age groups swear by it. Not only are sites steering away from the “swiping” sensation, but they’re beginning to emphasize the connections between people. Now, dating sites are looking towards the future where technology helps people find the partner of their dreams!

Same-Sex Couples Don’t Care About Age as Much

Same-sex couples are constantly facing difficulties trying to meet singles because of the relatively smaller population compared to hetero couples. As such, they’ve gotten better at looking past the age of their partner and focusing on their connection as people. Thus, you’ll find older and younger mixes and matches more often without the negative connotations that come from older men and younger women. That’s just something for you to consider when you’re getting involved in one of these relationships.

Common Interests and Looks Are the Most Important Factors

As always, when it comes to finding someone to date, there are usually two important things that go through one’s mind: Is that person good-looking, and do they have something in common? While beauty is subjective, people want someone that they can look at and think of as attractive. Moreover, they want a way to spend time with them with a mutual interest. These override any other things that are on someone’s mind for a mid to long-term relationship. Of course, there are other factors for short-term relationships that come into play, but interest and looks are what you should pay attention to for an actual relationship. 

Many things go into dating in the modern-day. Yet, if you study these statistics and tidbits of information that come along with them, you’ll have a good idea of how you can fit into a romantic partnership in the present day. It might take a little time to understand some of these things or they might seem outright, but they are all keys to and indicators of a great relationship.

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