Alexander Machkevitch: charity projects in Russia


Alexander Machkevitch, a businessman and public figure, is actively involved in large-scale charitable activities that embrace many regions of Russia.

Alexander Machkevitch, a billionaire, and philanthropist is known to residents of Russia as a successful entrepreneur who owns the Eurasian Resources Group (ERG) corporation, which includes the largest enterprises in various regions of the country.

Alexander Machkevitch was raised in an intelligent family, and from childhood, he absorbed the principles of mutual assistance and responsibility. His mother was one of the most famous lawyers, and his father was a doctor who, on his own initiative, was engaged in the modernization of rural water supply. That is why, during his studies at the university, he chooses social sciences for his further scientific activity, eventually defending a candidate’s dissertation.

Heading the leading global corporation Eurasian Resources Group (ERG) focused on the extraction and processing of natural resources, Alexander Machkevitch makes great efforts to provide maximum assistance to people, improving the socio-economic climate of those regions of the world where ERG enterprises are represented. And this is a considerable geographical coverage, given that the corporation’s interests include such diverse industrial resources as aluminum, high-carbon ferrochrome, iron ore, copper, alumina, and cobalt. Alexander Machkevitch provides tens of thousands of jobs, being one of the largest employers in Russia.

Alexander Machkevitch: ERG’s social mission

The leaders of the Russian regions, which are key areas of ERG presence, highly value the businessman’s contribution to the social sphere. One of the indicators of this assessment is the long-term strategic partnership between Machkevitch and Sberbank of Russia, and this cooperation with the largest Russian banking structure already says a lot.

Thanks to the efforts of a businessman, a social mission has been clearly formed in ERG, the essence and meaning of which is to increase the well-being of people who are under the direct influence of the corporation. It should be noted that the companies included in the ERG, as a rule, have a city-forming character. Often they are the largest, and sometimes the only employer in a particular region. Considering that Eurasian Resources Group industrial enterprises are usually located far from large regional centers, the more important is their contribution to peripheral areas, which just need special support.

One of the basic directions of the ERG social strategy until 2025 is the creation of favorable conditions for the life and work of people, therefore, as part of its implementation, several infrastructure development programs were introduced at once. In particular, dozens of children and youth sports schools were built and repaired, more than a dozen large-scale parks were created, furniture and computer equipment were purchased for more than fifty secondary schools. Such attention is not accidental. The fact is that Alexander Machkevitch is a teacher in the profile of his scientific activity, therefore he pays exceptional attention to education.

According to the results of opinion polls, more than half of the residents of those regions of Russia where ERG enterprises are located, positively assess the influence of the corporation on the improvement of their settlements.

Alexander Machkevitch: ERG charity in Russia

First of all, the enterprises of Alexander Machkevitch give people the necessary jobs. As a major energy supplier, ERG has the ability to provide significant incentives for electricity consumption. Construction and housing programs are also popular, giving young families the opportunity to have their own apartments.

Alexander Machkevitch implements a substantial part of the charity through the ERG Komek corporate fund. For example, in such a direction as support for children’s institutions (these are mainly orphanages), fund participants and volunteers purchase clothes and food. In addition, children of workers are given the opportunity to relax in the camps – primarily for poor families.

A separate significant point of the charity program is the support of veterans of the Great Patriotic War. A number of diagnostic and treatment procedures have been carried out to provide veterans with ophthalmologic care, which at their age is very relevant and essential, given the high cost of such services.

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