Important Things to Discuss before Moving in With Your Partner


Every relationship reaches its next level when you finally decide to move in together. Often couples prefer to spend enough time with each other before they make the big decision of tying the knot. Moving in with your partner provides you with the best opportunity to check out how your life is going to be after you two become man and wife. Moreover, if you aren’t interested in getting married this soon, moving in with your partner will give you an entirely new experience. Irrespective of your reason to move in with your partner, there are a few important aspects that both of you must discuss and reach to a mutual decision. 

It is often observed that couples are least bothered about some of the major aspects of moving in together. This includes discussing their preferences, taking out time for moving cost estimation and discussing what adjustment each one of them will have to make to lead a happy and blissful life. 

In this post, we have jotted down a list of key discussions that you must have with your partner before you two decide to take the big step of moving in together:

Plan your finance:

Although the most unromantic thing to do, discussing your finances is very crucial if you do not want any differences with your partner. You might feel uncomfortable while discussing your finances with your partner, but if you neglect it, it surely will become a major concern in future. It is not advisable to have one partner single handedly taking care of the rent and utilities

Make sure you distribute the finances between you and take care of your personal student’s loans, credit cards and other specific expenses yourself while dividing the common finances in halves.

The goal from the move:

Another important discussion that all the couples must have is discussing the aim from the move. Both of you must know what you are moving in together. It will not only offer you both clarity of mind, but it will also ensure that none of you have any wrong expectation from the move. From getting a better understanding of one another to simply lowering your overheads, whatever your goal is from the move, you must have it clear with your partner. 

The day to day living:

Whether you live alone or with your partner, your day to day functionality is very important. Do not become blind sighted from the excitement of moving in together and be attentive towards deciding your day to day way of living. Make sure you discuss the core roles and responsibilities each one of you will handle, from sharing household chores to having the decision making power, every aspect of living together must be clearly discussed beforehand to avoid any confusion later.

Discuss your priorities:

We all have different priorities in life and respecting the priorities of each other is one of the best ways to have a healthy relationship. As you plan to move in together, it is important that you discuss your priorities with each other. These priorities may be very small and petty, but when they are not clear and respected by the other partner, it may cause you a significant problem. You must have some basic agreements before you move in and also have the margins to amen these agreements later. 

How will your friends and family be handled?

No one expects you to love your partner’s family and friends just the way you love your partner. However, when you will be living together, you will have to show your love, respect and gratitude towards your partner’s family and friends. Make sure you set the boundaries and offer you partner enough personal space when their friends and family are at your place. It is very important that you value both your partner as well as your friends equal and make a perfect balance between the two.

What if things change?

Changing people is not a feasible thing, however, people evolve and develop new traits, liking, preferences and characteristics. When you are in a relationship or living together, both of you grow simultaneously. While this change and growth will be for good, it is possible that one or may be both of you grow in different directions, having a drastic change in your understanding of the relationship. If something like this happens, you must have a clear idea how to proceed. It is a very important discussion that you must have before you start living together. 

If you have had all these discussions, do not waste another minute and buy moving boxes to start your packing. Engage professional movers to make your move easy and swift and enjoy a brand new phase of your life with the best person in the world.

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