Man accused of SCV deputy assault awaits charges in Ventura

The Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's Station

A 21-year-old man with a history of theft charges could face substantial prison time before he’s even tried in a hit-and-run assault he’s suspected of committing against a Santa Clarita Valley sheriff’s deputy, court records show.

Ventura County prosecutors declined to release the details surrounding the arrest of Dameyon Jumale Ramos, for whom they also did not release a hometown, but he was being investigated for a series of offenses, according to Benjamin Moreno, deputy district attorney for Ventura County.

Ramos’ most recent SCV allegation stemmed from a June 11 traffic stop conducted on Ramos, who was already sought for a felony warrant from previous allegations, according to SCV Sheriff’s Station officials. 

Ramos, who was reportedly driving a light gray Range Rover with Florida license plates, is suspected of having hit the deputy — who was later released from the hospital after being treated for injuries that were not life-threatening — and then abandoning the vehicle near a gas station on Newhall Avenue, where it was later found by deputies. 

Ramos fled the scene, and in the following days, was arrested and then later accused of an alcohol theft reported at a Gelson’s Market on July 1, according to court records. The documents alleged Ramos entered the market with the intent to commit a crime, which earned him and a codefendant, Terray Swinney, a conspiracy charge. 

“There were multiple incidents,” Moreno said Thursday in an interview. The complaint Moreno filed also accuses Ramos of obstructing the officers trying to arrest him and then providing false identification to officers, in addition to recognizing a prior conviction out of Los Angeles County for a no-contest plea to a 2017 robbery charge.

He also pleaded no contest to a petty theft charge on April 2, 2018; no contest to a grand theft charge on April 5, 2018; no contest to a shoplifting charge on April 11, 2018; and no contest to a grand theft allegation on May 2.

Moreno described the allegations against Ramos as: “A number of theft crimes where he would go into a store and steal items from a store, generally items such as alcohol, and then leave.”

The deputy hurt in Ramos’ alleged assault was expected to make a full recovery, according to a social media post by the Sheriff’s Station shortly after the deputy was released from the hospital. 

Ramos’ next hearing in Ventura County is set for Aug. 14, Moreno said. So it might be awhile before he’s held to answer the complaint filed in a Los Angeles County courtroom on July 6, regarding the assault with a deadly weapon allegation for the incident involving the SCV deputy.

“There’s substantial prison exposure because of the charges,” Moreno said.

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