Patokh Chodiev: how a billionaire achieved success


Every successful person sees the world differently. Often, billionaires are people who are in love with their business or even obsessed with it. For example, the famous businessman Patokh Chodiev was dreaming of a trip to Japan from childhood, so he studied hard at school and then at the university. He actively studied Japanese and other subjects that were taught at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. The Kazakh businessman has repeatedly argued that he learned to make money thanks to a certain list of his habits and life principles. This helped not only to earn a fortune but also to keep it through many years. More details in the material.

Kazakhstani businessman Fattah Chodiev is one of those people who inspire new achievements with their life stories. When he began to build business plans and engage in his first projects, he had nothing but faith in the realization of a dream. Life in Japan charged him with complete confidence in his abilities. According to Fattakh Chodiev, this country is a real treasure, a home for true wisdom.

Fattah Chodiev: thoughts of a devoted fan of Japan about the country

Fattah Kayumovich loves the culture of Japan for its originality. In childhood, his parents told him about the land of the rising sun, where everything is possible. When Chodiev graduated from MGIMO, he moved to Japan, where, as he said in his interviews, his personality was formed.

“All the vivid landscapes that I imagined for myself turned out to be nothing compared to the amazing reality that I saw when I moved to Japan. You know, the Japanese often compare their country with a bamboo trunk that is shrouded in steel and wrapped in plastic. As for me, this is an exact image,” the billionaire said.

Indeed, the sights built by the Japanese for tourists appear as an exotic wrapper through which the steel of modern industrial Japan is already visible. In the country of the rising sun there are many new interesting landscapes that are bright features on the image of the country. It is more difficult, according to the businessman, to look into the soul of Japan, which is hidden from prying eyes. The soul shaped like a bamboo trunk.

“The soul of Japan is a cultural heritage. This, for example, is the same collection of Ichiku Kubota kimono, the Kabuki theater. Japanese culture is a unique and distinctive phenomenon, not only in the context of global culture but also among other Eastern cultures,” the businessman added.

Patokh Chodiev: the path to success through Japanese wisdom

A Kazakh businessman claims that it was the Japanese who helped him become successful. He learned a lot from them – calmness, rational faith in himself, practicality, and found the right values in life.

“The Japanese are very mannered. I like their politeness and restraint. They speak only on business and always adhere to the rules of etiquette. They don’t expect this from people, first of all, they monitor their behavior, but if the interlocutor will behave politely, the locals will be grateful to him for this,” businessman Patokh Chodiev shared his valuable advice.

There are some more subtleties that Fattah Chodiev shared. He strongly recommends that anyone who dreams of going to Japan remembers them. Then the residents will accept the tourist as a welcome guest.

Rules for visitors:

It is better to make an appointment in advance. Locals do not like those who require an immediate meeting. Everything should always go according to the plan. The Japanese are very scrupulous in this matter. It is also worth warning about your absence at a particular event in advance.

  • If a person made a mistake with the number, he must politely apologize for the misunderstanding. By the way, there’s an interesting story about phone calls and the Kazakhstan businessman. Fattah Chodiev told in many interviews that when he talks to the Japanese on the phone, he cannot be distinguished from the native, because the businessman has no accent.
  • Japanese really appreciate the time. It is important to remember that you can not take it away from a person in vain. At the meeting it is necessary to let everyone speak out, not to interrupt and end the meeting as efficiently as possible.
  • At least partially, it is worth following the ancient traditions of the Japanese. For example, at a meeting, it is worth making a slight tilt of the head showing respect for the person you meet.

To become really familiar with the local culture in Japan, you need to live there for a while, to delve a little more into the culture of the country. It is important to love everything in it, like Patokh Chodiev. He came to the country with good thoughts, and therefore he learned the most from his life in Japan.

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