5 Reasons Cricket Is India’s Most Popular Sport

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There are different sports, like football, hockey, rugby, tennis, and basketball. These games are more prevalent in different places.

While some countries like German and Brazil are more into football, cricket remains to be the most popular sport in India. Almost everyone in India has an in-born love for this sport. People play this game in nearly every nook and corner of this highly populated country.

Of course, India is home to the world’s best cricketers and best online CricBets companies. If you want to find out why the country is the most popular for cricket, you are in the right place. Here are the reasons cricket is the first sport in India:

1. Outstanding performance at world tournaments

You’ll agree that what keeps most sportsmen going is the urge to win. Indian cricketers have had a fine share of trophies in major world ICC tournaments. This has directly influenced how people take the sport in the country.

India won the Cricket World Cup in 1983 and 2011 and T20 World Cup champions in 2007. Since the country has an exceptional record of winning, it encourages its young population to pursue a cricket career.

2. The physical quotient

Sports, like football and rugby, require physical strength to play. Most Indians don’t do well in those games because they are not gifted with physical strength, and genetics is to blame in this account.

This doesn’t mean that most Indians are weak. It means that other sports are more physically grueling, and Indians would instead stick with cricket. The game is easy to play and only needs physical fitness to play at a professional level.

3. It is home to top batsmen

India is home to most world-class batsmen who are role models to young people intending to pursue a career in cricket. Cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, and Sunil Gavaskar are treated as small gods in this country and the main inspiration to fans.

Most fans discus the legend cricketers and look forward to them whenever they represent the country in international competitions.

4. It is easy playing cricket

Unlike most sports, cricket is very straightforward to most people. It doesn’t cost much to play cricket. Since most people in the country are within the low-income bracket, it remains the most’ affordable’ sporting activity.

All you need to play cricket is a ball and a bat. Some legendary cricketers started by playing gully cricket in India’s remote areas – such a humble beginning makes the sport ideal for most Indians.

5. Presence of Indian Premier League (IPL)

Most countries do not have an elite league for cricket. The BCCI established the Indian Premier League after the country becoming the World T20 champion. Since its establishment, the IPL has become the most popular league in the country, providing a platform for most aspiring cricketers.

Ideally, IPL has managed to take professional cricket to even the most remote places in the country, making it even more popular than before.

Final Thoughts

Cricket remains the most popular sport in India, and there are more reasons to support it. The presence of independent bodies like BCCI governing cricket creates a perfect environment for sports in the country.

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