Cool Ideas for Custom Leather Wallets


Customizing your wallet is a great way to make one of your most commonly used accessories unique and personal to you. They also make an excellent gift for someone who may be difficult to buy gifts for. People use their wallets all the time, every day. Even as cash is becoming less commonly used, people are still using card wallets to make payments throughout their day. Whether you are looking for a gift, or for something to treat yourself with, a customized leather wallet is a great idea.

Here we are going to look at some of the different ways you can customize a leather wallet, and what you can do with them. There are some great ideas out there that can help you make your wallet unique, and give yourself the perfect accessory, so let’s take a closer look.

Keep It Simple, Keep It Classy

You don’t have to go overboard and get an eccentric or over designed leather wallet. Sometimes the simple things work best. A standard and simple leather wallet, with engraved or embossed initials or a monogram, makes for a classy custom wallet. You can see a couple of examples here.

Engraving, embossing, and even branding through burning, can be used to great effect on leather – even very dark colored leather. Having your initials, or a monogram design, in the corner of your wallet is a subtle customization that still manages to make it stand out from the crowd.

Remember a Special Date

You can use engraving and embossing again to commemorate a special day, or days, on your wallet. This can act as a reminder of something, or someone, special every time you reach for your cash.

Engraving your children’s and partner’s birthdays, as well as your wedding anniversary, is a great idea. Not only are you given a regular reminder of the people that are closest to you, you also have no excuse for forgetting a loved one’s birthday or your anniversary.

Put a Special Message Inside Your Wallet

Not only can you add customization and engravings to the outside of a wallet, but you can also have text etched into areas of the inside. The area where your cards are held has plenty of space to add a personal message or phrase to your wallet.

You could have an inspiring quote from your favorite author or sports star, or even a bible quote if you wish.

Make Your Own Movie Prop

Wallets often feature on movies and on television shows. One of the most famous movie wallets belonged to Samuel L. Jackson’s character Jules in the movie Pulp Fiction.

This small accessory became an important plot point in the finale of the critically acclaimed classic. In what the character describes as ‘a moment of clarity’, he agrees to allow himself to be robbed of his cash, as long as he can keep his wallet. The wallet is customized and ‘of sentimental value’, he explains to his confused and intimidated robber, known only as Pumpkin and played by Tim Roth.

You can make your own version of this wallet using wallet customization and engraving, but you should consider changing the text from Jules’ wallet to something more appropriate to you!

Pair a Custom Wallet with a Money Clip

Money clips are coming back. People may not be using cash much anymore for day to day purchases, but sometimes it is time to splash the cash, and money clips are an eye-opening and easily customized way to keep your cash on hand.

These clips are great for keeping a close hold on your bank roll, and can be engraved and even bejeweled. When you want to get some attention, and make it rain, then you need a customized money clip to go with your customized wallet to complete the look.

Try a Customized ‘Smallet’

A ‘Smallet’ is a small wallet that usually has room for just a couple of cards and may have a money clip integrated to it to hold some cash or clip on to your belt or clothing.

Some even have belt loops built in to them, so you never lose your wallet again. There is less wallet to play with, but still enough space for a monogram, initials, or a short phrase or quote.

Engrave or Emboss a Pattern on a Plain Leather Wallet

If you want something more artistic from your wallet, consider engraving a complex and decorative pattern to your wallet. Geometric patterns work best, but you can get just about any line drawing etched on to a wallet.

Thanks to computer-controlled laser cutting, very complex patterns and pictures can be quickly and easily etched onto just about any type of surface. Leather works really well with laser cutting, as it works in a similar way to cattle branding on farms. The markings the laser burns into the leather are very clear, and can give a great color contrast even on darker colored leathers.

Add Stickers, Stamps, or Stitch on Badges

Though leather wallets can look very clean and classy, sometimes they don’t offer enough design or color features to suit your style. Many people add stickers, stamps or stitch badges to wallets to make them more unique and put their own style and tastes to their accessory. You can add stickers and mementos from traveling to your wallet, which help remind you of fun vacations and trips away while you are making simple day to day purchases on rainy and windswept days at home.

Customized wallets make the perfect gift for someone who can be difficult to find the right gift for. They can also be a great way to commemorate a special day or an important event.

Remember that the wallet itself is as important as the customization you make to it. A poor-quality wallet will not suit engraved initials or a monogram. Always make sure that the leather wallet you are engraving is made of the best quality leather, and by experienced craftsmen, so the wallet and your customization will last a lifetime.

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