Dealing with Flight Disruptions (Santa Clarita)


Flight disruptions are a common, if irritating, part of air travel, and most of us will have experienced the annoyance of waiting on an airport floor with luggage, listening out for updates on the speaker system, only to be told 3 hours later that your flight has been cancelled. California has twenty seven primary commerical airports – four within 50 miles of Santa Clarita – and they are not immune to flight cancellations, so here’s the information you need to know to deal with them. 

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How to get flight cancellation compensation?

One thing that can ease the frustration of flight delays is that you can be compensated for them. As most of us aren’t familiar with aviation legalities, there are companies on hand to help you understand your flight cancellation rights such as Flightright, who monitor flights to and from the EU and provide a claim checker, as well as explaining your rights and what might stop you from asserting them. They have a 99% success rate in court and over 10 years’ expertise one the market, so, if your flight gets cancelled, you know that you are in safe hands getting eu flight compensation. It can be hard to know what you need to do in order to receive compensation, but there is plenty of information online and with experts assisting, it can be a fairly simple procedure.

How to check for flight cancellations?

Whilst airports and staff do their best to keep passengers updated about flight times in person, there is often too many people and too much chaos to accurately keep track of flight delays. Luckily, many airports, including the Hollywood Burbank and LAX, being larger airports, offer online trackers and update systems. This is the easiest way to get informed about your where your plane is and whether or not you will need to book alternative accomodation. Following the social media accounts of airlines, particularly on Twitter,  is also handy for real-time updates and might give you information that isn’t being announced to passengers in the airport.

Do some research beforehand

This is something that is often overlooked during the planning stage of travel, as most people are more worried about their hotel booking or what they’re going to do when they are finally at their destination. But it’s equally important to research your airline and your airport before flying, because this could make your journey a lot easier. Comparison websites and forums allow passengers to read reviews and opinions of different airports and how they deal with disruptions, especially with larger airports like LAX and Hollywood Burbank. Regional airports like LA Palmdale are also often reviewed online due to their convenience, so a few online searches should give you a good idea of their policies surrounding flight delays and cancellations.

The most important thing is to be patient and understand that, if things go wrong, there are ways of dealing with it – especially if you have done research beforehand and have access to as much information as you can get, as relying on airlines themselves is often unproductive.

Source: Pexels

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