Enlightening couples’ activities you can enjoy at home


Finding stuff to do as a couple can be tough, especially when you’re stuck in the house. You might be trying to save some money, or the weather outside could just be too lousy for you to consider stepping foot out the door! So, how do you entertain yourself?

In this guide, we’ll propose some enlightening activities that are great for couples to enjoy together. So next time you’re stuck inside, we hope that this guide will help you fill the time with something more productive than a Netflix binge.

Endless possibilities

Today more than ever, the possibilities within your own four walls are practically limitless. While modern gaming consoles have opened up many options, even cheap, older games consoles like the Nintendo Wii allow you to stage your own head-to-head sporting tournaments in the living room, while there are also physical sports you can play indoors, like table tennis, if you have the room.

You may also prefer something a little more relaxing. For example, this guide features tips centred around chilling out together as a family, getting stuck into a box set and staying in touch with friends. However, in this guide, we’ll be focusing on the activities that can broaden horizons and teach you new skills.

Each of the items in this guide is perfect for couples to learn and enjoy together. And, if you show enough patience, you’ll come out on the other side having learnt something new. Who knows, it could even be the start of a new passion!


Cookery is often stereotyped as a solo hobby, with one member of the relationship often putting the kitchen on lockdown while they whip up a meal. Of course, cooking something for a loved one is a wonderful gesture, especially if you prepare their favorite, but it’s also something that can be enjoyed together.

For it to be a truly fulfilling exercise, consider attempting a more ambitious dish – or a meal featuring multiple courses. Allocate jobs before you get into the kitchen and make sure your game plan is nailed down. Cooking as a duo can be chaos, but if you plot it out it can be a great way for the two of you to share in an exciting passion.

You may choose to prepare something for friends – or just something to enjoy yourselves later in the day! Either way, it’ll be extra delicious because you made it yourself.


The wonders of the night sky are there to be discovered, and a beginners’ astronomy session can be the perfect, romantic way to share time with a loved one. Astronomy is another great hobby that can become a lifelong passion, and a skill you can enjoy teaching to other family members.

Unlike cookery, you’ll likely learn new things together, which can make the experience all the more exciting. And whilst the science between can get awfully complicated, you don’t need much prior knowledge – or equipment – to get started.

Beginner telescopes start at just a few hundred dollars, with many capable of linking with your phone to help you record your progress. There are also heaps of information online to help you get up to speed with all of the constellations of the Milky Way!


Is it nature or nurture? Some people seem convinced that they’ll never master the craft of drawing or painting, while others feel very much at ease with a brush in their hand. But whatever your skill level, it’s never too late for another go.

If you’re confident enough, you may consider drawing one another, although it can also be just as fun capturing the view out the window. Drawing the same image and comparing the results can be fascinating, while doodles can even help reveal a little about one another’s personality. We hope this list has helped provide some inspiration for your next day indoors as a couple. And, while TV and film are great for bringing people together, making the most of your time by learning a new skill will certainly represent a day well spent.

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