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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

My husband and I are parents of a very young daughter. It is without question that we are more than concerned with the state of affairs in our country. It is not just the circumstances of the political hate but the mess our school system is in, especially here in California. It is shameful that California rates in the 40s out of the 50 states.

Another major concern is the lack of law and order in the country. The endless news cycles that give us the blow-by-blow reality are as violent as anything Hollywood can dish out. The senseless murders, shootings, dangerous anarchy with the cowardly leadership in the cities and states, while our once-civil streets are taken over, is nearly unbelievable.  

This morning’s news report told of one more weekend in Chicago with the usual multiple shootings and deaths, including a 9-year old boy. I think that is straw on the pile that drove me to write this letter.

We saw Rep. Mike Garcia’s recent town hall meeting and were happy to see that he was so positive and has been so active in his new position. It is important to my family that he has been appointed to the STEM committee that affects education as well as co-authoring the Justice Act that is meant to have a positive effect on policing and crime.

Mr. Garcia’s actions so far give us hope that there are better days ahead for all of us.  

Megan Hayward
Stevenson Ranch

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