Taking time to make sure you’re ‘OK’


After facing unemployment due to the pandemic, four Santa Clarita Valley residents took the extra time they had to do what they do best, create an app that would help others.

Yolanda Rubio and several of her colleagues found themselves unemployed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but scheduled a Zoom call to discuss the possibility of creating an app to help people monitor their physical and mental health. The app would later be called “Daily OK.”

“It’s a one-minute self-assessment check,” said Rubio. “You log in how you’re feeling and, at the end, you receive a badge, which can be shared on social media or sent to friends and family to let them know you’re doing OK.”

The app was created using guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization to assess whether a person is experiencing symptoms that could be linked to COVID-19. At the end of the assessment, if everything is OK, a green badge is given.

A green badge can also be requested of one person by another. Rubio said this eliminates the “awkward conversation to find out if someone is having symptoms and gives people ease if they’re meeting up for coffee or anything else.”

After creating the app, Rubio met with others in the tech industry who could assist with bringing the app to other countries that could use the information.

“We’ve been in contact with small businesses in Mexico and Colombia who use the app to assess their employees,” said Rubio. “They can also access links that will take them to the CDC or WHO websites to get more information, and it’s available in English and Spanish.”

Helping people with their mental health issues was something Rubio kept in mind while developing the app. 

“Everyone’s struggled the past six months,” said Rubio. “The app helps ground you and helps you focus on checking in with yourself. Only takes a minute to remind yourself that you’re OK.”

“Daily OK” is free on mobile app stores and is accessible by anyone with an iOS or Android device.

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