10 Tips to Get More Instagram Followers (2021)


Do you want to know how to get more Instagram followers, no strings attached? We put together this guide for you to learn how to get more people interested in your account. Download the Instagram app and get started today. 

Before We Start

To get the most out of Instagram, you will want to have a strong following. It can be hard for a brand to figure out how to make that happen. No one buys followers or wants to use bots anymore- they only work as a short-term solution. If this is something you’re interested in, we only recommend Buzzoid for Instagram followers.

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The only followers you want are real people. 

When they interact and engage with your brand on the platform, you may experience increased sales. A fake follower count might make you look good, but it will not help you spread awareness of your brand.

10 Instagram Marketing Tips

Here are 10 tips to get a larger following on Instagram!

1. Make an Instagram Strategy

When using any social media platform, you are going to want a clear plan. Without a strategy, there is no way to make it onto people’s Instagram feed. Set your first goal as getting more followers, but be sure to have more in mind. Your potential followers should be part of your plan and social marketing goals.

What do you want to accomplish with your brand’s account? This is important to know and keep in mind. You should:

  • Find ways to increase brand awareness
  • Boost your sales
  • Bring more traffic to your webpages

By focusing on your goals, you will have an easier time keeping your Instagram content consistent. You can tell your brand’s story and make it appealing to both old and new followers.

If you know your own goals, jot them down now. That way you can think about them as we go through the rest of the tips.

2. Know Your Target Audience

You will want to be familiar with your target audience or intended demographic. Be sure to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is their age?
  • Where do they live?
  • Where do they work?
  • How do they use Instagram?
  • What is beneficial and challenging about them?

When you know the answers, then you can make the right kind of content to reach them easier. Making content geared for your intended audience means that you can get more real followers easier.

It is also a good idea to keep you focused on delivering content that keeps the audience following you.

If you are unsure of the audience you are trying to reach, you will need to figure that out fast. The audience affects a lot of the content you post- so knowing exactly who they are before you make your plan is going to be beneficial to you.

Google analytics and surveys can be good ways to become more familiar with your audience. You can also monitor your social activity to see who is interacting with your posts and get a better idea of who is interested in your content.

3. Make a Consistent Aesthetic and Brand Story

No matter what your goals are, you will need to maintain the personality and look of your brand your business account Instagram page. Your posts should be recognizable at a glance. It helps if you think of your account as one grid-like unit.

If you have content to post that does not match your normal aesthetic, then you can use the Instagram Stories feature to post it somewhere else- where your followers will still see it. The story will typically be posted for 24 hours before it disappears. (Making it good for promotional content or giveaways as well.)

To make a brand story you might want to show how your products are made or the average day of one of your employees. If you want to be inspirational, showing your followers the achievements of your customers can be a great idea.

There are plenty more ways to be consistent with your aesthetic and brand story. Although, you will want to come up with something that speaks to your brand. Everything that you curate should represent your brand in some way, meaning there are plenty of creative liberties you can take.

4. Use Keywords

Keywords are always essential to a digital marketing strategy. Before someone can follow you on Instagram, they need to be able to find you. Only two types of text on Instagram have an effect on search results- your name and username. Make your follow button by making an easy but unique username. 

The username is your Instagram handle. You will want to make it consistent across platforms, if possible. This makes it easier for users to find you. The name can be anything, as long as it is under 30 characters long. If you include a relevant keyword, more people will find you.

The name area can be used as a bio, so be sure to include brief, relevant keywords that let your audience know what your brand is about. Emojis can be fun and engaging, so do not shy away from them just because you are representing a brand.

Filling your content with keywords can have a negative effect. Users might feel like they are reading spam or feel bombarded with certain words over and over again. It is better to keep it short and sweet, with the keywords sprinkled throughout your content.

If you need help figuring out what keywords to use, there are plenty of keyword research tools online. Search relevant words relating to your content and see what pops up for a general idea of what words are going to boost your post on Instagram.

5. Use Hashtags to Reach New Followers

Hashtags also appear in an Instagram search. If you plan out your hashtags, you can reach more people and increase your engagement rate for free. Adding relevant hashtags also allows users to follow a specific hashtag of yours.

You can add up to 30 hashtags in a post, but keep in mind that they are more effective when used right- quality over quantity applies here. You can experiment with your hashtags and see what gets you the most attention.

You will want to avoid spam or trending hashtags like “#tagsforlikes” and “#followme”, these might get you followers, but they will probably be bots or someone else looking for a follow back. Those tags will not help you build a following that cares about your content. To improve your chances of hitting the Explore feed, you might also want to buy Instagram likes (again, use reliable vendors like Buzzoid for this).

What you should do, however, is focus on using hashtags that are specific to the content in your post and what represents your brand. This will introduce you to followers who won’t hit the unfollow button after a day. 

6. Build Your Bio and Profile

Your business profile and Instagram bio are what leave a first impression on followers. If you want to get more of them, be sure to build on your bio and Instagram profile. If your profile is not clear, has missing info, or is just unappealing, you are going to get nowhere.

You will want to make the most out of the 150 characters that you can use in your bio to show your brand’s identity. Let new visitors know why they should follow you and demonstrate what kind of content they can expect.

Plus, after you filled out your name and username, you will want your profile to include a clickable link to your website homepage. That can be helpful in bringing more people to your website from Instagram.

In short, your bio and profile should contain all of the information that someone needs to know to follow you. This might include contact info, business info, and more. You decide what you want to share to make your account feel more real.

Keep in mind when it comes to a business, the less information you have, the less likely people are to interact with you. You want your account to come across as genuine as possible.

7. Post High Quality and Engaging Content

This is important when you want to get more followers on Instagram. Every post you make for your brand needs to be high quality and engaging for your followers. Other types of content will not encourage them to interact with you. Let the content drive traffic and increase follower growth. 

When someone new comes to your profile, the content you have there should make them interested in following you. Otherwise, you are not using your time well with the content you make. 

High quality content should have people commenting on, liking, and sharing your posts. Those little interactions will boost your SEO and make your account show up higher in the Instagram algorithm. Meaning that you can get even more followers.

High quality content can take more of an effort to produce, but it is worth it. If you are not posting content to your full potential, you might start losing followers as they lose interest in your posts.

On the other hand, if you are always posting good or new content, then the followers that you already have are not going to leave- and you are likely to get even more followers in the process.

Make sure you post or repost more than one type of content on a regular basis. Consider using a posting schedule to keep you on track and keep your number of followers up. Here are content types to use: 

  • Instagram photos 
  • Videos 
  • Instagram Stories 
  • Instagram Live video 
  • Boomerangs 
  • Stickers 
  • Memes

If you don’t know what your followers like, use Instagram analytics tools. These tools will help you determine what posts are the most effective for your social media marketing campaign. 

8. Put Thought into Your Captions

Real posts attract real people. You will want to make sure that you spend some time making your Instagram captions. It is an important factor in helping you reach a wider audience. Here are some tips for making a strong caption that gets engagement:

  • Always put the most important words first. If your caption is longer, then users need to click on it to see the entire caption. You want the most important word to be easily viewable, so try to put it as close to the front as you can.
  • Ask questions. If you encourage questions, your followers might leave comments. That can give you a little boost in the algorithm.
  • Be personable. Nobody wants to follow a bot. 
  • Use emojis. Emojis can capture attention and are good to use on social media.
  • Experiment with caption lengths and templates. See if longer captions or shorter ones get you the most attention.
  • Add a call to action 

9. Pin Good Comments

Instagram added a new feature that allows you to pin up to three users’ comments on a post. They stay at the top of the post so that others can see them easily. You can use this as part of your plan to get more followers if you use the feature correctly.

You can use the pinned comment to extend your caption and continue explaining the post. This is great for storytelling, which might be great for your brand.

You can also pin your favorite comments from your followers. If their comments are positive towards you and engaging, this can be a great way to encourage more people to interact with you.

However you decide to use this new feature, it can be great for building connections on your post. It is also a nice and easy way to keep your posts a little bit more organized.

10. Promote Your Instagram Account

Always remember- the most important way to get a following for free, is to make it as easy as possible for people to find you. You want your profile to be easily discoverable.

If you have a following on another social network account, you can use it to bring them over to your Instagram as well. Link to your social media accounts wherever it is appropriate. You can also bring attention to your best Instagram posts by putting them up on other platforms.

If you can use Instagram ads or paid advertisements, you can further boost your favorite posts. That way, more of your followers from other platforms can find you on Instagram as well. There are many ways to do this if you already have a large following somewhere else.

Also, consider having an influencer shout you out or partner with you. If the Instagram influencer works with you, you will be exposed to way more Instagram users, which will boost your numbers. 

Instagram contests are another way to promote your page. These contests will give your followers to post UGC (user generated content) that their friends and followers can see. As a result, your page is exposed to more people. Maybe even include influencer marketing into the contest to make it really stand out and reach new audiences. 

Your best bet is to simply bring more attention to your Instagram on your other platforms.


There are many ways to get more followers on your brand’s Instagram account. However, you should always come up with a digital marketing strategy before you get started. If you have a plan, then you will be more consistent in making content for your account and following your brand’s story.

Overall, engagement is also crucial. Be sure that you are only posing high quality content that encourages interaction from your followers. There are many different ways to get people engaged in what you post, but what you choose is going to depend on the voice of your brand.

Those were 10 tips to get more Instagram followers! Let us know if this guide helped you and do not hesitate to ask us questions.

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