Social Media Psychology Hacks To Increase Engagement Rates

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The world of social media marketing is not just something you can buy. It is always hard work and lots of research to find out what will hit the audience and thus provide you the best result. And whatever platform is your main place for promotion, there is one thing common for any strategy – your public ought to have a high level of engagement. In other words, you must build a connection with your followers. Keep them entertained and interested in your blog all the time. To create a vision of a successful account you can buy social media fans like Twitch from time to time.

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But how do you do that? In fact, there is no exact tactic that would give your account the boost that you need. It is almost impossible to prospect the potential reaction that the audience will show in response to different methods. And even though experimenting is a good thing to do, it cannot be performed too often, so you don’t scare the public off. But some universal tips and tricks that include psychology, can be your weapon in the struggle for the place under the sun.

The Magic of Social Approval

Humans are highly social beings. We cannot live without society around us. And of course, it is important for us to know what society approves of and what it detests. Social media platforms such as Twitch, Tumblr, IG, etc., are serving as a manifestation of modern trends and lifestyles. So, in order to drive the interest of the users to your content or products, you might want to appeal to the fact that your blog demonstrates something that is highly appreciated by many people. To put it in other words, you must prove to your viewers that your product is what everybody wants, does, or wears.

This feature works not only solely from social approval. This tactic also includes the speculation on FOMO – the fear of missing out. This kind of anxiety is very common for active users. And if you will put your product in the position, where you produce things that are interesting to the major part of the community that you have, it will create the urge to buy this product or follow the line of behavior that is shown. Basically, that is how many influencers sell their info products. They create content that showcases their lifestyle as a success in a nutshell. And later they just use the wish of their audience to maintain a similar lifestyle to get revenue and more influence on the platform.

So, to improve your engagement – keep your viewers intrigued about your routine and lifestyle – what products do you use, what recipes you love the most, etc. After all, this is a good base to provide a space for product placement and sponsorships.

The Power of Color

Humans rely on their vision the most. This is the primary sense that guides us in the environment. And it is no secret that colors that we see around us are loaded with symbolism and associations. And these can be used to connect with your audience. This is how the colors can affect the perception of your posts:

  • Red, orange – represent urgency, passion, alert, and sometimes aggression
  • Green, yellow – the colors of nature, that are showing freshness, peace, and a positive vibe. Green color in particular can also represent finance.
  • Blue, purple, lilac – these are working to demonstrate a soothing, calm atmosphere, intellectual or trustworthy content
  • White and black – basic colors that are used for minimalistic and simple designs.

In fact, the symbolism of colors is endless and highly depends on the cultural heritage of your nation, and your sense.

The color scheme is something that can attract users to your blog. Three main types of color picking are used frequently.

  1. Complementary. This type of design usually contains two colors that are situated on the opposite sides of the color wheel. One of them is the main, and the other is called complementary.
  2. Analogous. This one is popular on social media due to its simplicity and elegance. In this type of design, you choose three colors, where one is main, and the other two are divided by the tone – one colder, and one warmer.
  3. Monochromatic. It’s not black and white, as many could think. It means that your design sticks with one color. And you only use different shades of it for your scheme.

It is also important to choose the overall tone of the blog. Choose warmer and natural tones and filters ( like beige, sunny and lighter shades of different colors) if you want to create a cozy and home-like atmosphere, that will set a more intimate course and trustworthy conversation with your audience.

For informative or educational posts, where you need to be serious and concentrated, prefer blueish cold shades, which would create a more professional image of your content.

Curiosity is Your Friend

Curiosity is one of the most common characteristics of human beings. We want to know all answers, and bloggers along with brands are using this feature of our nature on social media. The mechanism is easy. Let’s look through the main components that will increase the level of engagement on your profile:

  • Spill a teasing detail, that will attract the attention of your followers
  • In a bit later, promise to reveal more details
  • And as a grand finale, open your story completely.

This is a basic scenario that can be modified according to the type of blog and the industry that you occupy. Another method to keep the audience engaged is to divide your thematic posts into parts. Thus, by creating a series of content you will keep the frequency of visits to your profile, and maintain the discoverability of your older posts.

Personal Charms

Why do people love social media in the first place? The answer is – this is an extended method of communication. And humans adore communicating with other people! Which is why you should be just yourself. Don’t try to make up a fake life and persona. For sure, you will be much more popular and interesting to people if you will share your real experience, feelings, and thoughts. You will be surprised to see how much more feedback you will get in exchange for your sincerity. Being honest with your followers is appreciated a lot, and will for sure increase your influence online.

Get in touch with your subscribers, and push the limits of online life. You can bond with your audience by organizing a party, where everyone can have a good time, talking and meeting new friends. Going out in real life will increase the loyalty of your fan base and give you the reputation of an open-hearted person, who is not behaving like a “celebrity”, but remains as is.


Increasing the level of engagement on your blog is a specific task, which requires a lot of work. You must understand what your audience wants and act that way. Yet you still need to preserve the balance of things, because being a unique personality is also important. But the main thing to remember is that you must provide top-quality content mixed with your personal charisma. Without a doubt, this is the best psychological hack that you can use.

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