Unusual tips: Stellar Essay for College of the Canyons Student


Writing essays is a fundamental part of college course work. An essay is an academic paper that requires students to express their views using credible sources. Students, especially those attending the Canyons College, accomplish many exciting tasks, including writing essays and other academic papers.

There are many types of essays that you might write during your time in college. Depending on the instructions and the subject, most of these essays will vary. However, there are four main types of essays, including an argumentative essay, a persuasive essay, a descriptive essay,and a narrative essay.Many students have gone on record saying that the essay writing process is relativelychallenging.

For this reason, you should consider speaking to professional essay writers who will share some insights on how to write an essay. You will also find such services convenient and pocket friendly when you opt to buy a college essay.

With that said, the following are unusual tips (not clichés) that you could employ to ease the overall process of writing.

1.      Start Early

The reason why many students struggle with writing their essays is because of poor time management skills. Many students fail to realize that the sooner you start your essay, the better for you.  Early in this case simply refers to the time (especially weeks) before the paper is due. This tip is unusualbecause it is not common for many students to start their essays immediately after they have received instructions regarding the same.

Mark your calendar and get started. Writing early gives you the liberty to organize your ideas effectively after drafting an outline. Remember, when writing an academic essay, you should strongly consider following a definite essay structure, including an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion.

The first sentence of the introduction should usher the reader into what the essay is about. You should use the body of the essay should elaborately express your ideas in individual paragraphs. The essay structure should be such that a single idea is described in its paragraph; avoid mixing ideas in the same paragraph. Lastly, remember to format your paper uniformly.

2.      Choose the Tricky Topic

The fact of the matter is you need a brilliant topic to write about. In most cases, the teacher or course instructor will present you with an issue, and if not, you are at liberty to choose your own topic. If you find this process challenging, then it would be in your best interest to buy college essay. Nevertheless, you should consider writing an essay with a ‘tricky’ topic.

Part of writing a good essay is dependent on your ability to present your ideas organically. Choosing an essay topic that is not common among your peers will help you to stand out. Remember, we are talking about unusual tips for writing a stellar essay. So, if you want your essay to be different and interesting from the bunch, then you should consider choosing the tricky topic. But remember to choose wisely.

3.      Be Honest

When it comes to academic writing, honesty is the best policy. Simply put, your opinions, data, statistics, and general information have to be factual and from credible sources. Fabrication of falsification refers to unauthorized creation or alteration of data in an academic setting. This includes falsifying the collection, omission, and impersonation of data to gain an academic advantage.

Fabrication of information or data is a significantoffense that is simply not acceptable. As a matter of fact, doing this could land you in big trouble. To avoid this, be honest in your views, opinions, and overall information when writing.

4.      Provide Evidence

As mentioned above, sources that you use for your paper need to be s credible. Evidence can range from a number of things. It can be statistics, quotes, charts, or even a graph. They are instrumental in supporting the text you have written. You can incorporate it well to showcase that you did due research when writing your essay.

Suppose you want to incorporate evidence in your text, first state your claim in the first line of the paragraph. Follow this text with the evidence in support. This will help your reader appreciate the value of your input.

5.      Use Vivid Vocabulary

Nobody likes to read plain text, not even you. Use extra details to explain your text and make your writing lively. Using words that are vivid and detail-oriented instead of filler words “like” and “good” will help the reader get the nature of your text. Consider revising an essay format to help you with such. 

6.      Consult a Friend or Colleague

The editing process can be quite daunting, and even after repeated proofreading. It is always recommended that you consult someone else for a final edit. A fresh set of eyes can spot the minor details that you might have missed. It’s also instrumental in gauging the flow of your paper.

You will be able to confirm the relevance of every detail and if it is an interesting essay. Asking for help is a worthy cause that can take your paper from average to excellent. Make sure that you seek an opinion from experienced individuals.


Writing an essay has been simplified significantly if you follow the tips above. Make sure that you also use vivid and specific details to bring life to your text. There is a fine line between bizarre and unique; make sure you stay within the correct parameters. Do not use clichés in your text at all. It is relatively easy to identify them and can set your paperback a couple of notches.

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