Dilute Vape Juice With Water


The liquid used in electronic cigarettes or vape to make vapor is known as Vape Juice. It is also known as vapor liquid or e-juice or e-liquid. Vape juice has different types of color and flavor according to its user’s demand. Its main job is to replace the traditional tobacco flavor and to make vapor. 

What does it contain?

Mainly vape juice is made of four ingredients. They are:

  • Nicotine
  • VG – Vegetable glycerin
  • PG – Propylene glycerin
  • Various flavors

These materials are not always in the same ratio. Some vape juice does not contain any nicotine, which is known as zero nicotine vape. Also, VG and PG have different ratios in different flavored vape. So all are not the same. Flavors are added to make vape more attractive and enjoyable.

Ratios of vape juice:

Vape juice comes in different types of ratios. It is the ratio between VG and PG. 

If your vape juice states 60/40, it means it’s 60 percent contains PG and 40 percent contains VG.

PG based juice: Those who want to give up smoking mainly use this type of liquid. It offers high levels of nicotine and thin clouds as its consistency is thin.

VG-based juice: This juice offers thick and big clouds as its consistency is thick. Its nicotine strength is low.

Flavors: Vape juice contains different types of food flavors. There are more than 4000 flavors in vape juice. Some of them are strong; some of them are mild.

Can you dilute vape juice with water?

As we all know, vape juice already contains a high amount of water though many users still want to add water to their vape juice. If you are not enjoying your juice and want to add water to your vape juice, then the answer is YES! You can add water to your vape juice and can still vapor it. 

How to dilute vape juice with water?

To dilute vape juice with water some important rules have to be followed. Those rules are:

  • Can not use water more than five percent
  • The water should be distilled water
  • The ratio should be one drop of distilled water per 2ml
  • If your vape juice has a high VG level, then you can use water
  • If your vape juice is PG based, then do not use water

Why should you dilute with water?

There are many reasons to dilute your vape juice with water. Mainly it depends on its users’ choice or demand. Some reasons are given below:

  • If you do not like super-dense cloud 
  • If the flavor is too strong
  • If your e-liquid is running low

Why you should not dilute vape juice with water:

As there are many reasons to dilute water with vape juice, there are also many reasons not to dilute the water in your vape juice. Those reasons are:

  • If you use more water, then it can burn your lips, tongue and throat.
  • Diluting vape juice with water makes it too wet and too hot.
  • Nicotine does not mix with water fairly
  • Sometimes water can leak and damage your device

Is it harmful to dilute vape juice with water?

Diluting vape juice with water means inhaling more H2O in your lungs, and this is not good for your health. As lungs are a very important organ of our body so you should be very careful about them; otherwise, it can be dangerous for your health. So it is advised not to add water to your vape juice. Let the experts do it. 

This is a short guide on how you can dilute vape juice with water. We hope you will get your answers.

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